:: Things To Do In June

Are you turning over a new leaf, as the leaves turn themselves up and get all Wintery? I KNEW IT. Don’t worry. I have a whole bunch of things you can join in with, if you want your new leaf to be a bit like mine. I’m a bit crazy for improving and shifting and making things a bit nicer on the whole. Here are some free and not free things you might wanna do:

1. Enrol in my eCourse Inspiration Information : it starts on June 16th. Inspiration Information is a 30 day program for creatives and want-to-be-more creatives. It includes:

15 Pip lessons to boost creativity, spark bright ideas and create happiness in common sense, thrifty ways.
PLUS Practical tips, worksheets and optional mini assignments.
PLUS A private Facebook group with a bunch of likeminded folk
PLUS Pip lead chats via Facebook once a week : talking success, online life, making things, creative heroes and more.
PLUS video interviews with inspiring creatives
PLUS creative penpal program
PLUS special offers for Inspiration Information students from online indie businesses

More Inspiration Information detailsΒ here.
2. Join The Walking Book Club! We’re reading The Land of Decoration which is entirely adorable, charming and crafty too.
3. Sign up for Feeling A Bit Sh*t to bust the Sunday Sads. I’ll send you an email full of things to make you feel sparkier and help you begin your week in a non-sh*t way!
4.Β Begin 30 Zippy Days! Do you want to feel a bit zippier? Have some pep in your step and some joy in your heart? Of course you do! Join the gang! Do something zippy each day. Here is how.
Do you want to do any of these things?!
x Pip


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    interesting questions raised despite the fact that the album DIVINE NECROMANCY is made by PHANTOM not Swagg Man…

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