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April 26, 2021

Hello champs!

How are things with you? Are you okay? I hope so!

Today I thought I’d tell you about some things that have been making my days ace. Because who doesn’t need ace-day-maker suggestions?!

1/ Readly

This is not a sponsored mention, so fear not. I have been using an app called Readly to catch up on a few of my favourite magazines. It’s such a brilliant stress reliever to ‘flip’ through the pages and I have accumulated a big file of in-app bookmarks filed under things like ‘dinner’ and ‘lunch’ and ‘to make’ and ‘homey’. Frankie, Country Living UK, BBC Good Food, Vanity Fair, The World of Interiors, Mollie Makes, Vogue and more are on there. It’s a good one because it’s getting harder and harder to find good magazines in the shops. Great newsagents are few and far between, aren’t they?!

Doll & Em

2/ Movies

After binging the wonderful Doll and Em, I’m switching over to movies. This is totally uncharacteristic of me, but I have lots of work and study to do and binging TV shows is not very good for productivity! Much better to take a 90 minute break and then get back to it, so a movie fits the bill brilliantly. Recently I’ve watched A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood, which I LOVED. I also watched The Post because who can resist Meryl Streep, Sarah Paulson, Tom Hanks, Alison Brie and Matthew Rhys on the same bill?! All that movie chatter said, I can’t wait for The Pursuit of Love!

My shops don’t have ‘The Everything’ but I would be SO KEEN to try it! I do love The Sesame though! Not bready at all. Very bagel-y. Chewy, crunchy, squishy, yum!

3/ My view!

I’m such a show off. It seems that I am fortunate enough to have a beautiful view, doesn’t it? That’s all thanks to my brother who owns the house that I am renting. I love my view. I can see my small town, farmland, mountains, so very many trees and a giant ever-changing sky. It’s there in the morning when I have my first cup of tea, cuddle my dogs and gaze out thinking about what the day will hold. It’s there during the day when a quick glance is all it takes to centre myself and know I’m tucked safely into a world that wants the best for me. It’s there in the early evening when I rinse and chop and simmer and sizzle and snip my way to a lovely dinner for me and my big kiddos. And it’s there even in the darkness when the fire is roaring inside and the town lights and night sky are twinkling or not.

Also … I got a new (vintage) dinner set!

Olive helping me with my book interview notes. Thank you, Olive.

4/ My diary

I love my diary. I keep a Moleskine (won’t somebody think of the moles!) day-to-a-page. It is pink. I also keep a Google Calendar, but there is something about writing things down pen and paper style that helps me to process them. I scrawl messily in this diary, transferring things from Google Calendar at the start of each week and adding daily tasks as I go. My friend Michelle has the same diary. Hers is not pink though.

5/ Supermarket bagels

When I lived in Melbourne all manner of artisan snacks were on my doorstep, just a short drive away. In rural Tasmania there are lots of delicious snacks to be had, but they are not always quite so readily accessed. This has taught me that a) I used to spend a lot of time thinking about getting a particular thing and then seeking it out and b) that sometimes making do with what you can get is okay. Granted I can make bagels, and I do, but there is a type of supermarket bagel which I really like. It’s the Abe’s Bagels Sesame Seed type. I have one with butter and Vegemite every morning at the moment … alongside a giant cup of tea. Delicious!

What have you been enjoying, dear reader? I’d love to know!

xx pip

PS: My new book is out! Buy it for your favourite mums, why don’t you?!


  • Reply Deanna April 27, 2021 at 7:19 AM

    Hey Pip!
    Have you joined the Tas Library yet? They have so many magazines! All the usuals plus heaps more. You can’t really bookmark them but I just take a screenshot if i want to keep something.

    I love the dinner set! What a find!
    Have you been to The Jesse Tree op shop in South Hobart? So many vintage goodies, plus plants and WGAC toilet paper in big bags ?.

    I’m so glad you’re loving it where you are now. ??


  • Reply kate April 26, 2021 at 4:25 PM

    I love that dinner set, so gorgeous.
    Also thanks for the heads up regarding readly. I love magazines but lately find them so $$$ for often only 1 or 2 articles.
    And gosh I must have a paper diary. For someone who spends (wastes) so much time in the digital realm I can’t do a digital diary. I’ve got to write it down. I love the act of writing, pen on paper, the sounds, the way my hand slides across the page, how these weird squiggles can later remind me of so much. I write every morning even when I have nothing to write just because I love it so much. Hmmmm bit off topic there. Oops.
    Also been loving you popping up about the place promoting your new book, such a joy to hear you speak and feel comforted by your words and your energy.
    Cheers Kate.

  • Reply Miranda April 26, 2021 at 2:15 PM

    You had me at new vintage dinner set…’s super lovely. Do you mind telling me the Make and pattern name?

    • Reply Pip April 26, 2021 at 2:16 PM

      Of course! It’s by Noritake and the pattern is called Albany. 🙂 x

      • Reply Kerry April 28, 2021 at 6:43 AM

        Oooh I have two Noritake cups and saucers and I love them SO MUCH.

  • Reply Reannon April 26, 2021 at 1:24 PM

    I have been doing more reading than watching but a few weeks ago I did watch Moxie on Netflix. It’s a fun watch. Have you been watching the last season KUWTK? I am watching but not loving it. It feels like the most scripted one ever. I won’t stop watching though, they keep me company at night when I’m doing my skincare routine 🙂

    And I agree, finding a good newsagent is SO hard! I might have to have a look at Reedly to get my mag fix.

    As for your bagels, you could buy regular ones & make your own everything mix & then sprinkle over the top. I make my own mix for when I’m making bagels & it’s delicious sprinkled over tomatoes or avocado or feta. Now I’m hungry…..

    • Reply Pip April 26, 2021 at 2:16 PM

      GOOD. IDEA. REANNON!!! You genius. x

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