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:: Things I’ve Been Doing


I took these photos a wee while ago. I have not been doing these flowery, scone-y things today. I kind of wish I HAD been, because I’ve been feeling a bit poorly. Got a bit of a bug. Dang. No matter. I’ve still been keeping myself busy and doing some OTHER good things:

I’ve been taking photos for a cool photo project I am working on.
I’ve been working on my book. A lot. It’s starting to take shape in a MUCH bigger way. Phew!
I’ve been doing Season 2 (!) of Couch 2 5k. I completed it once and I’m doing it again, because I like it.
I’ve been crocheting A LOT.
I’ve been writing a whole heap of articles for work.

I liked reading this. I could do with some help in that department!
I really LOVE this (I got an advance copy!)
Lola Lopez told me about THIS.
And I’ve been watching this. I LIKE IT!
I am lucky because I am in the new issue of Mollie Makes!

What have you been doing? Are you well? No bugs (like me?!)

x Pip

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