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It’s A Great Idea To Crochet A Pink House

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Amy sent me a link to this amazing pink and woolly house on Facebook today. I KNEW some of you guys would love it too, because a) art and b) crochet.

It was created by Olek – a ridiculously talented crochet artist.

Just a few reasons to love this:

1. It was made by a bunch of great people.
2. The panels are beautiful.
3. It is pink.
4. It covers a house totally. It’s all tucked in!
5. It’s a symbol of hope. (Read more here.)

I get a bit tired when I think of how long this must have taken. And my crochet muscles begin to ache.

How GREAT that people are willing to have a crack at the seemingly impossible, for the sake of art and community.

See more of Olek’s beautiful pink house here.


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  • Julie
    September 2, 2016 at 3:32 PM

    And I am feeling that i took on too big a task…as my first ever crochet item I am making a rainbow queen size bed quilt. But holly molly a whole house!

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