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:: The One About Copying Other Bloggers…


I’m copying some other bloggers. I’m a crazy copycat. Let me tell you more…

I’m going to read this book, because Kootoyoo liked it. Copycat!
And I’m going to read THIS book too, just like Loobylu. Copycat me.
I’m making a scarf using the Granny Stripe. Just like Attic 24. Copycat moi!
I’m going to get a wriggle on and go to this, just like Gourmet Girlfriend. Copycatasaurus!
I’m going to see this too, because Kirsty did. Copycatting!
I’m going to make something nice with apples, because Kate’s been talking about apples. Call me Cop E.Cat.

Do other great bloggers influence the things YOU do?  Who inspires you? Who do you love?

x Pip


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