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:: The Family Love Tree : Peacock Chairs Of Radness

Ohmigosh. I really do! You can see them here at The Family Love Tree. They come in kid and grown up sizes and the Turquoise one is going STRAIGHT to the top of my Christmas Wishlist!

We had one of these in our house when I was growing up. And the curly wicker headboards too. And we had one of those wicker egg-chair swings. And terrariums.  And Aubrey Beardsley wallpaper.  Gosh.  I want all those things in my house today.

Which chair would you choose for your place?  Which is your favourite?

Thanks for being so RAD, Family Love Tree.  Thanks for the peacocks!

xx Pip

Me and my Mum! (Note the lucky dip and the toffee apple and the puffy bolero!)

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