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:: The Day I Tidied My Room

How was your day? I had such a lovely day with my family and Kate today. We just hung out and chatted and snacked and did stuff around the house.

And I tidied my room.  OMG. It’s a miracle. I swear, the clouds parted and a giant formation of rainbow pigeons flapped The Bus Stop when they realised what had happened. A flotilla of inquisitive tortoises formed a giant exclamation mark in a nearby pond when they realised what had happened.  A swarm of glittery bees hummed Earth, Wind and Fire’s ‘September’ when they realised what had happened.

I tidied my bedroom.  Mir-a-cle.

What did you do today?

Tomorrow I am on the plane to Hobart. My uncle (who was pretty much my grandfather, growing up) has had a fall and things are not good. Mum spent the day with him in hospital and popped home tonight, only to get a phone call that she needs to go back in. She is on her way now with my older brother.  Aw. It’s not good.  Send your wellness wishes in his direction. He is such a lovely man.  I will write tomorrow from Hobart and say hello.  Smooches to you.

xx Pip

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