:: The Best Snacks #52lists

Here’s this week’s list! BEST SNACKS. OMG. I could go wild with this, but I’m not ACTUALLY snacking very much at all at the moment… and this list made me hungry… so I will not snack-list any further.

This list can be the snacks you have now. Or the snacks you want to have. You could do after school or after-work snacks. Late night snacks. It’s up to YOU. I just remembered that I used to microwave giant bowls of frozen peas and drown them in mint sauce when I was about 11. It was a favourite after school snack. Ew. Also condensed milk from the tube. Melted Milky Bar. All manner of things I would not really touch now. Well. I might go for some condensed milk… If I was feeling particularly sooky.

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xx Pip


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