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2: circles 

See. I KNEW I would have trouble keeping up with The August Break. What am I like?! I swear it is this Wintery light. It’s quite dark in my house. There’s one place where I can take photos so if I don’t plan ahead I easily miss out on optimum photo-taking-time.

I have taken two shots today to make up for yesterday. It’s so dark and gloomy today. I don’t like my photos very much… Sigh. I’ve given myself a little smack for being tardy too. I’m going to try harder tomorrow. Fingers crossed for a less cloudy day!

meet me at mikes : pip lincolne

3: yellow

In other news, did you know that #boyfriendfriday began yesterday, too? Most people seem to be playing on Instagram. Look here to see all the dude-ladies. I know that Boyfriend Friday might seem a bit silly to some, but I was thinking about it on my wake-up walk this morning and I realised how great it actually is.

Firstly, women are quite locked into fashion (well, some are) and are part of a bigger fashion-y, appearance driven machine. We’re expected (by some) to look a certain way, follow certain dictated trends, yadah yadah yadah.

Boyfriend Friday is about wearing comfy, practical clothes, not worrying about pinchy undies or too-tight seams. It’s just being us (with a little bit of dude thrown in!)

Boyfriend Friday reconnects us to our Tomboy Days. I have noticed that some gals are still firm members of the Tomboy Club, but others have forgotten about how great it is, so this is a great reminder of trees climbed and mud pies made.

For me, Boyfriend Friday is about trying to learn to like getting my photo taken, too. I really hate it. Like really. I can’t even begin to tell you how much. #ew Do you feel like that too?

Boyfriend Friday is about solidarity, being part of a gang and being cheeky. These are all really great things.

So you see, far from being a cute meme, it’s actually a really good, big, positive idea. Join in next Friday on Instagram and use #boyfriendfriday so we can find you! You don’t have to wear a boyfriend’s clothes. You can just wear a fella inspired piece (or pieces!) This is not just for gals who have/want boyfriends. It’s for all of the ladies.

(I may secretly be having #boyfriendsaturday too.)

x Pip


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