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Taking Stock in October

October 26, 2019
Taking Stock

There has been so much going on in my world that I have been too tired to pop in here, but it’s a very quiet and rainy Saturday morning … and that’s one of the best time to write a blog post, as far as I’m concerned!

Taking Stock in October

Making : A three-round granny square blanket. I have made so many little squares and it’s slowly growing, growing, growing.
Cooking : Heaps of different salads, some made-up and some from Hetty’s brilliant books. Ari went through them and dog-eared (sorry!) the ones he liked the look of most, so I have been making a couple of those each week. Do you have her books too? And have you tried her whipped hummus? It’s the best and so easy. Today I’m making pumpkin soup because it’s drizzly and Ari’s feeling poorly.
Sipping : Tea, mineral water, coffee, green juice.
Reading: I’ve been reading a lot lately. I’ve enjoyed – Summer of Love, The Summer House Party, Below Stairs and The Broken Girls. At the moment I’m halfway through Kitchen Yarns and Pain and Prejudice – both are ripper reads.

It is bigger than this now!

Looking : Out the window at the rain and wondering if I should nip to the shops.
Listening : To my ‘liked’ songs on Spotify. At the moment it’s Killing Time  The Killing Moon. Actually, I’ll make you a playlist, actually and post it here v soon.
Wishing : Clare Bowditch’s new book Your Own Kind Of Girl was in my lap right now! You can order it here. Or read a snippet here.
Enjoying : Taking short naps. I’ve been back and forth to the doctor about a few things so rest is a priority at the mo. And honestly that’s not a bad thing. How good is a snuggle under the doona, I ask you?! Brilliant!
Liking : It that my book has gone off to print! Hurrah!
Loving: Re-watching Downton Abbey. Not because I don’t have anything else to watch, but just for the pleasure of watching it all again. (Watching on Amazon Prime Video).
Buying : All the spring veggies! And old shopping baskets from the op shop. Two in the last two weeks! Four dollars each!
Watching : Whoops. I already said that. I’ll say … Escape From The City (ABCiView). I am sure I have said that before, but I love that show. Do they ever buy a house? I feel like they never do?! Also? One Born Every Minute Australia (free-to-air Network Ten), which highlights how brilliant people are. And Modern Love on Amazon Prime Video too – Anne and Dev’s ones were my faves. Have you seen it? Oh and also Gardening Australia (ABCiView) of COURSE.
Hoping : To buy some potting mix and put some tomatoes in pots this weekend. Apparently I need potash? And to plant deep, removing the lower leaves? I can not WAIT to be bombarded with home-grown tomatoes! I am also planting beans and basil, for starters.
Needing : To take some library books back. I love the library so much and in another life I would have been a librarian, I think. Also needing to do more writing. Maybe I’ll start writing book 7.

Pip Lincolne

Is there a peacock in my coffee?! That’s Kiri cream cheese, tomatoes and chives on Woodfrog Bakery rye (with caraway seeds!) ALSO? Kitchen Yarns has the best essay about fried chicken and a big yellow bowl. I might make some, I think.

Wearing : Cosy and very comfy clothes. Obus stripey top, smooshy yoga pants, socks with pugs on them. Also undies.
Following: Quite a few beachy hashtags on Instagram – #venusbay and #inverloch and #kilcunda feature strongly! Also the NY Times newsletter which tells you what you should cook each week. I love it. (Which newsletters do you love, actually?)
Noticing : That there are a few terrible people in Four Weddings and a Funeral (I rewatched it this week and don’t remember noticing them when I saw it first time around).
Sorting : Out literally nothing. But I should. I should spring clean and get rid of all the things I don’t use or need, shouldn’t I? #SayYes
Getting : Settled into the weekend nicely.
Saving : Up for Christmas! It’s not so far away, is it?
Bookmarking : This story about the college admissions scandal and the kids it disadvantaged.
Coveting : A new pair of Birkenstocks. I really, really want these ones for summer!! But I can’t find a size 38 in Australia. Dang. In fact I think they only sell this colour in the UK/US.
Opening : Too many tabs, too many windows, just the usual, really.
Giggling : Not really doing much giggling … but a bit of humming.
Feeling: Gobsmacked at the story about the very confused man who was unwittingly brewing alcohol in his tummy.
Hearing : Some young magpies in my garden.
Obsessing : Over these cute blankets. (Begin with blankets and end with blankets, I say!)

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The last month:??MOVING out of Sydney and into a new home in regional NSW?WRITING pieces for @tvweekmag from my new home office, which is still a total mess?MAKING time to brew, drink and actually finish cups of tea?PREPPING for National Novel Writing Month (#nanowrimo). Don’t know how I’m going to find the time to do it – but I want to, damn it! – so I’ll conjure up some time out of thin air and tweak the rules. Anyone else in??COOKING toasties on the daily with a little help from Jugiong’s @longtrackpantry tomato chutney (not a sp, just delicious)?SIPPING tea. Still. Now. Later. Always ?READING @nymag’s One Great Story newsletter (thanks @bysarahayoub)?MISSING a few people and places pretty hard this week?LOOKING at your Stories, probably?LISTENING to The Darkness’ new album, especially “Heart Explodes” and “How Can I Lose Your Love” cc: @lauragreavesauthor. Also, Harry Styles’ “Lights Up. I’m still in too deep with Lewis Capaldi’s Divinely Inspired To A Hellish Extent too?WISHING I could teleport to see all my favourite people around the world for individual long lunches where we D&M the hell out of each other’s lives, then I can teleport back home in time to play with Sienna before bedtime?ENJOYING having a “room of one’s own” to work and write after years without one. Sounds hyperbolic to say it’s life-changing… but it’s life-changing?CRAVING pizza?LIKING Clinique Chubby Sticks. I’m obsessed with Curviest Caramel right now?LOVING people who have given us the warmest welcome?BUYING wine bottles in bulk now there’s an “alcohol fridge” in the garage. Am I a boomer now??WATCHING hardly anything! I’m behind as I’ve been solo parenting a lot / writing / surrounded by 8279 boxes, so I’m craving time to catch up, especially on US Survivor. Also, has anyone seen Modern Love? Report back!?NEEDING to work out how to manage my time better… as always?WEARING sunscreen. That country sun is bold and bright ?FOLLOWING my gut, heart and instincts. Tag me in if you fill in this q&a inspired by @meetmeatmikes and @slowhomepod too! Gx #365daysofslow #sunrise #visitwagga @nanowrimo #amwriting #authorsofinstagram #sunday

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x Pip

PS: Here is a blank list, in case you do …



  • Reply Reannon October 26, 2019 at 5:12 PM

    I love Hettys book but have not made the whipped hummus. Lately I have been properly obsessed with felafel & hummus.
    I also agree, NOBODY ever buys a house on that show! And I watched that GA ep too & wondered if I should stop feeding my Toms with seasol & give them some potash….I bloody love my Friday nights with Costa & the gang. Did you watch his ep of Home Delivery? It made me cry. He’s a great human.
    I’ve never had Birkenstock’s before. Tell me, are they as comfy as Saltwaters?
    Always lovely to catch up with you Pip x

  • Reply paula October 26, 2019 at 5:07 PM

    forgot about taking stock. Now I am undecided whether to do it on my dusty old blog or insta as suggested.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Reply kate October 26, 2019 at 1:09 PM

    so much lovely stuff in here Pip.
    I think you should only do the spring clean/declutter if you really want to, not because you think you should. That would be a waste of your energy.
    I can’t wait to get my hands on your new book, but Clare’s does sound so good too.
    I hope you have a really nice weekend, it’s showery and chilly here, so I’m eating hot scones, and drinking tea while I catch up with you.
    cheers Kate

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