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Taking Stock in November

November 20, 2019
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I just watered my plants and do you know what I thought? I thought “go and write a blog post you lazy sod”.

So here I am with a November-style edition of my favourite join-the-dots update … Taking Stock!

Taking Stock in November

Making: Kouign Amann. I have made a batch each weekend for three weeks, because a) I love them and b) I am trying to learn how to make them well. If you have never eaten one, imagine a croissant baked in a light caramel glaze and you’re kind of close. I documented my Sunday bake on Instagram, in case that is interesting to you! And also a couple of blankets, but it’s been a bit hot to crochet, admittedly.

Cooking: At the moment? Rice salad for dinner. Ari is home tonight so it’s an old fave for the two of us. And also? I’m back on the old New York Times No-Knead Bread baking. Such a good recipe. I have been making it on and off for over a decade.

No Knead bread
Sipping: Cold white wine because it’s a very hot day. Stay safe tomorrow if you are in a bushfire affected area, peaches. I know lots of people are and/or are battling with oppressive smoke at the moment. And many have already borne the brunt.

Reading: So many different things. Crave is within arms’ length and features a cover blurb from one of my faves … Marlo Thomas. #ThatGirl It’s also beautifully written.

Looking: At a sweet doggy snoozing nearby.

No Knead bread
Listening: To the hum-rumble of the air conditioner.

Wishing: I could win Powerball.

Enjoying: Learning to have a new life that is all about the things I like.

Liking: My quite small but much beloved vegetable garden which is growing slowly but surely in this wonky weather.

Loving: The quiet life. And Ruth Reichl’s latest book. It’s called Save Me The Plums and it’s excellent.

Buying: Two books I initially borrowed from the library that are so good they are worth having for keeps – Kitchen Yarns by Ann Hood and A Half Baked Idea by Olivia Potts.

Watching: I finished The Crown Season 3 (Netflix) last night (did you? Did you like it? I liked it! I love Olivia and Helena and Tobias!) I also watched all of The Red Line (SBS on Demand) which was really good. And I am loving Years and Years so much (also SBS on Demand) because – great story and Emma Thompson. I also love Emma’s sister Sophie. And her cookbook. It’s excellent.

Hoping: To have a go at baking some more pastries this weekend. I got a couple of new baking books at the library, so let’s see what unfolds.

Kouign Amann
Needing: My eye to get better. I have something which is apparently called a chalazion which sounds like a sort of Pokémon but is not as cute. Sigh. Such a glamour. Not.

Wearing: An old fave Obus cotton dress. I love Obus, still. I can’t really afford to buy nice new frocks, but that’s what’s so good about Obus. Their things last and last! They’re the anti-fast fashion.

Following: The Bon Appétits on YouTube. Anna Spargo-Ryan reminded me of how good they are and they’re back on rotation in the background during my work day. Carla is my favourite.

Noticing: I need to declutter. I honestly think I write this every time. But truthfully I have a family house full of things … and now it’s just me and Ari. And I’m mindful one day it will be just me … and I have all these family-sized, full-of-family house things that I don’t need. One step at a time.

Sorting: Myself out for the creative writing unit that I am starting next week through Open University! Gasp. I KNOW!!! I can’t believe it either. I am dipping a toe in the water because I honestly don’t know anything about creative writing and I want to learn. And also to see if I like studying formally because maybe I won’t. We are reading a Raymond Carver short story in our first week. I have no idea if I will be good at this/be able to do this but I am ready to try!

Kouign Amann
Getting: Annoyed. At the chalazion. For haunting the corner of my vision.

Saving: Lots of things to read. I have never really used ‘reading list’ on my Mac. Not in all these years. But now I am doing it because it’s nice to have them all in a list and not be getting distracted by tabs and searching for other things.

Bookmarking: This great Phoebe Waller-Bridge interview. To share around. With you. No need to thank me.

Coveting: Library visits. I really mean it. I love the library so much. I go twice a week.

Opening: Packets of seeds so I can plant all the baby plants.

Giggling: At … Ummmm …. Gosh I don’t know. I do remember laughing about something I was watching … but I can’t remember what it was, to be honest. Oh I know. Let’s go with this.

Feeling: Like a big haircut. Back to a fringe, I think. But I am not in a rush.

Hearing: Uber Eats delivering up and down my street. Brief stops. Doors opening and closing. Cars zooming away. There is a lot of Uber Eats traffic about, isn’t there?

Obsessing: Over the tiles in this kitchen. (below)

Here’s a blank list, in case you want to do Taking Stock — on your blog or Facebook or Instagram — too …

I hope you are well, and finding time to do the things you like to do.

x Pip

Taking Stock



  • Reply kate November 21, 2019 at 8:55 AM

    Enjoying: Learning to have a new life that is all about the things I like.
    This is my favourite line from this catch up, well done to you.
    I love the library, such a lesson in patience, the bread looks sooooo good, I’m not good with bread, think doorstop!
    Thanks for popping in to say hi, stay cool and happy today.
    cheers Kate

  • Reply Reannon November 20, 2019 at 11:11 PM

    Oh Pip, I’ve missed you since logging out of insta for a wee break. Your photos always bring me so much joy- that bread looks bloody amazing!!! I’m wanting to get some new clothes, some me clothes, some clothes that last so maybe I’ll look at Obus. But like you I’m pretty cash strapped. Maybe we should start a powerball syndicate? And you know how much I love a library lover. I just got an email today to say that the new Meera Sodha book is on the reserve shelf me. Joy!
    Take care Pip xx

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