Taking Stock : May



Hello peaches!

I thought it was high time I stopped talking about my book for a while and started talking about all the other stuff that’s been going on around here… Let’s do that!

Making : brownies
Cooking : soup
Drinking : copious amounts of tea
Reading: A Table In The Orchard
Wanting: a holiday
Looking: forward to seeing some friends
Playing: the Six Feet Under Soundtrack
Deciding: how to cook the brisket we bought at the market
Wishing: the weekends were three days long, every single week
Enjoying: cosy times
Waiting: to see how Ari felt about his maths test
Liking: the fragrance in my house. I have lots of flowers this week!
Wondering: why my wrist is playing up when I’m ready to crochet
Loving: sleeping really well, two nights in a row
Pondering: plans for Sunday (Mothers’ Day!)
Considering: where we will move to
Buying: lots of vegetables at the market, we’re making minestrone!
Watching: Rectify
Hoping: to get lots of crochet in on the weekend
Marvelling: at Max’s new turtle. He’s called Pup.
Cringing: when I think of packing up my books and crafty things
Needing: to get rid of lots of things
Questioning: the way real estate agents treat commercial tenants (always rude and disinterested!)
Smelling: flowers, flowers, yay!
Wearing: ugg boots, striped shirt, blue tartan dress, tights and boots. (Also undies!)
Following: my eCourse students’ progress
Noticing: the builders in our laneway are ridiculously good looking and nice
Knowing: the year is going to whizz by
Thinking: about an upcoming event I’m doing with some amazing speakers. Shhhh! It’s a secret still.
Admiring: Myu and Andrew’s families for their strength under great scrutiny.
Sorting: things. All of the things.
Getting: sleepy – it’s that time of the afternoon
Bookmarking: Covet Garden and this great post on Seth Godin’s blog
Coveting: some more new cushions (funny when you get new ones, you realise how worn out the old ones are!)
Disliking: treading in dog poop
Opening: too many tabs on my computer
Giggling: at my fave radio show, The Breakfasters.
Feeling: lucky to have been so well looked after at the book signing I did on Wednesday night.
Snacking: on coconut and raspberry tarts
Helping: Max read the turtle’s mind. (The turtle is feeling shy, but liking our house so far.)
Hearing: That there is no band practice today.


And here’s a blank list for you to copy and paste so you CAN join in…

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :

Let me know in the comments if you ‘Take Stock’ too? Love to you!

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  1. I love and am so excited about the plate in your photo – I have coffee cups and saucers and sugar pots and creamers in the same pattern and am always looking for more at op shops — that aren’t too battered – some people are not very nice to their pretty dishes! Glad to know somebody else loves the design as much as I do!

  2. Thanks for the lovely list and nudge to take stock Pip – I’ve just put mine together too: http://blog.stephbond.com/2015/06/taking-stock-june-2015.html

  3. I love love love this. I did my own list on my blog, and lots of people have commented to me how much they enjoyed doing their own list. Nothing like taking stock!

  4. Here is my list for June: http://chantillefleur.blogspot.com.au/2015/06/taking-stock.html

    Thanks so much for sharing this list here Pip, it’s such a great writing exercise and I always enjoy reading them on other blogs! Xx

  5. An interesting exercise with unexpected results. Thank for the list!

  6. I’m in the process of packing up my place too Pip! Crafts / Teaching Resources are my weakness! Needing more time!

  7. Hi Pip
    Here’s my Taking Stock for the Month of May. I just love reading everyone else’s post. It is amazing to read how different they all are. I am waiting on your new book – can’t wait to read.
    Happy Weekend!

  8. I’m joining in for the first time, so enjoyed drawing up my list, thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Hi Pip – this is my first time sharing my Taking Stock link here but not my first Taking Stock post! I’m enjoying cooking lots of soup too. Love this time of year for soups! Here’s the link to mine: http://www.writeofthemiddle.com/taking-stock-aprilmay/
    Min x

  10. What a big month for you Pip – cannot wait til your talk up here in Brisbane next month! here is my taking stock for May xxx http://www.innercompassdesigns.com/taking-stock-may/

  11. Joined in for the first time today: https://hooksandhills.wordpress.com/2015/05/28/taking-stock-may/
    It was fun, thank you!
    Found you via Deb at Inner Compass Designs 🙂

  12. I’ve done my list today – http://theeverydaymiracles.blogspot.com.au/2015/05/taking-stock-may-2015.html
    I’m reading your book (!) – Michelle’s is next on my list


  13. I love taking stock. This is such an awesome template. I have even influenced my friends to start taking stock too.

  14. Loving your May List! A turtle called Pup is the coolest thing ever!! I am joining in for the first time!
    Jos xx

  15. Just added my list! As always, thanks for the inspiration!x

  16. i really reaally need to get a copy of that book – i havent been able to stop thinking about it!

  17. Thanks Pip, I was being a Friday lazy bum and not writing a blog post, then here is Taking Stock encouraging me to get on and write! Yay. Good luck with the move and I am a little bit jealous of cool weather. I shouldn’t start complaining about hot just yet though, as it is only May.

  18. Mmm. Brownies. I just Took Stock for May, but for my ‘coveting’ I think I should have said brownies, or raspberry and coconut tarts instead of whatever I did say. Oh well. I hope Ari was happy with his maths test performance, and Pup is an excellent name for a turtle. Here’s my stock take for May…http://www.nanjingnian.com/taking-stock-may/
    ps I am also coveting your fresh flowers…mine are dying as you can see!

  19. ‘Tis definitely the season for drinking copious amounts of tea (and wearing ugg boots). Thank you for the list. It’s high time I started taking stock. Happy Mother’s Day!

  20. I’ve taken part here https://lacer.wordpress.com/2015/05/08/taking-stock-may/ ! It’s been fun reading your list again.

  21. had to laugh when I saw your ‘waiting’ – I was waiting to see how my daughter, Pip, went on her maths test today too! All okay she thinks so hope Ari is similarly satisfied! Have a lovely Mother’s Day weekend. Hoping your book lands in my hands on Sunday!

  22. How good is Michelle’s book? I can’t stop thinking about it & telling people to buy it. It is just SO good!
    I keep thinking about making minestrone but I know my people won’t eat it…they are annoying when it comes to veggies…..

    1. I feel your pain Reannon re the minestrone. It’s my favourite soup.

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