Taking Stock: A January List

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Oh my goodness. I had a bit of a blog break over Christmas and the beginning of January and gosh I think I’m the better for it.

That said I’m very much looking forward to cracking on because the year ahead is looking a little less pesky than last year. And the year before.

What better way to start a new year then with a Taking Stock catch up?! I have been doing so much stuff and not sharing it here … so you have been warned this January Taking Stock might be a little enthusiastic and chatty …

Let’s go!

Making : A book! I am on deadline for my new book (which is about how to deal with life when times are  tough) and have been spending a lot of time working on it. It comes out in 2020 through the wonderful Murdoch Books and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be published again.

Cooking : So many things. I am not a huge fan of summer temperature-wise, but I love summer eating so much. Tonight I’m making couscous with roasted tomatoes and fresh herbs. And maybe a steak if Ari comes home. Some nights we have lots of home cooked things. Some nights we have chicken and chips. Some nights I have toast (if Ari is not home!)

Sipping : I found a nice cleanskin riesling I like at a wine shop near me. So I have been enjoying that.

Reading: I finished Tara Westover’s Educated and am now reading The Trauma Cleaner (which Max got me for Christmas). When I’ve read it I am going to listen to the Big Ideas episode about this book too.

Looking: At my sleeping pup. He’s such a kind and caring dog.

Listening: James Blake and Saint Etienne.

Wishing: My hair was not always so tangled.

Enjoying: Grilling vegetables on the George Foreman grill I bought last year.

Waiting: For Thursday when my baby boy turns 19!!! 19!!!

Liking: Making Japanese potato salad – not pictured here – (after I saw my friend Edie had made it). I used the Cibi recipe and gawsh it was freaking delicious and I wish I had taken a photo. I had it as a salad and then cold on toast the next day and the day after that (and I didn’t put cheese in because I did not have any … and it was still so good!)

Loving: Reed Avocados. Aren’t they the best? So creamy and delicious.

Buying: I bought a River Cottage cookbook on sale at Readings. It’s a good one with lots of great ideas and go-tos.

Watching: I re-watched Muriel’s Wedding (on Netflix) last night while I was trying to stay awake so I could go and pick Ari up. I only got halfway through so I’m going to start it again later. Such a great cast!

Hoping: To emerge from my every emoshe convalescence some time this year.

Needing: To charge my camera battery and start taking photos with it. Well. More wanting to, I suppose. Not that phone photos are not great, but I like my actual camera and want to play with it again.

Wearing: An old cotton Obus dress because it’s a bit floaty and cool. I don’t have many floaty cotton dresses and I wish I had more.

Following: The Ariana Grande/Princess Nokia drama. I care about such things.

Noticing: I am a bit stiff because I have not been doing any yoga. It’s been so sweaty-hot and busy, but really those are not very good excuses. I had such a good run of doing it every day for more than 200 days and then I fell in a heap. Tonight I will start again! I am making a promise to myself.

Sorting: Clothes. And folding them. Very small and stand-uppy!

Getting: I found this Mexican cookbook at the Salvation Army store today for $3, so I was pleased to be getting that.

Saving: All my $5 notes this year. Not that I get much cash, but when I do I am going to tuck the fivers away for a rainy day. I saw this idea online somewhere but I can’t remember where it was. It’s a goodie.

Bookmarking: The potentially life-saving ‘Dutch Reach‘.

Coveting: A clear hallway. Mine is full of stuff that needs to be donated to the right places. Sound familiar?!

Opening: The doors (it’s stuffy). Then closing the doors (it’s too hot.)

Giggling: At this pigeon.

Feeling: Relaxed. Which is hard for me. LOL.

Hearing: People playing cricket at the oval near me. Every now and then there’s a huge ROAR … I suppose the roar happens when someone gets out?

Obsessing: Over making lots of fresh ice each day. It’s very, very important to have fresh and non-fridgey ice at our place.

You can make a list too, if you want to! I’d love to read it! Let me know if you do this too!

Making :
Cooking :
Sipping :

I hope you are well and have been having nice times!

Love to you.

x pip



  1. Hi Pip, lovely photos and food. I’m really pleased you’re writing again, although I don’t envy the process. I’m looking forward to that book in 2020. All the best for the coming months. xx

    1. Hello Rhonda! Thank you so much for you confidence and your vote of confidence. I SO appreciate it … and YOU! x pip

  2. Making : lists for moving
    Cooking : so little in my west facing kitchen (so hot I might die )
    Sipping : fruit teas , rediscovered them because I cleaned the pantry
    Reading: Outlander and my Christmas pile of books
    Looking: at catalogs and op shops for decorating ideas
    Listening: to others when they say “can I help”, I’m asking now .
    Wishing: we could afford one of those services which pack it one end and unpack the other.
    Enjoying: the post three day break we went on that made us relax
    Waiting: for school to go back
    Liking: that somethings I have loved have gone to new homes
    Loving: actually feeling ok now the house is sold and we have to go , renters joys.
    Buying: cotton nighties from op shops
    Watching: Call the Midwife on Netflix
    Hoping: for cooler weather soonish
    Needing: to tackle my wardrobe
    Wearing: cotton nighties as much as possible
    Following: my own trends and less social media
    Noticing: how I have missed Pinterest
    Sorting: house to fit into a smaller house ,anyone need a piano and stool?
    Getting: excited about my upcoming birthday splurge
    Saving: for my upcoming birthday splurge
    Bookmarking: deathimitatesart.blog my clever daughter’s blog
    Coveting: velvet couches in indigo colour
    Opening: more banana milk ( thanks Nippys)
    Giggling: about the person who tried to raise money for a pirate ship to get the replica Bounty , so hilarious but unfortunately go fund me shut it down 🙁
    Feeling: hot
    Hearing: crickets chirruping
    Obsessing: over lists for moving

  3. Hello Pip!
    Thought you might like to see my Taking Stock List on my new blog…
    https: //gaia-cactis-not-so-secret-diary.blogspot.com/2019/01/taking-stocks-list.html
    I was introduced to your blog some years ago by my mum Melissa from The Owl in the Art Tree blog. She started a course with you a few years ago but her computer broke so she didn’t finish it… 🙁
    Gotta say that I love your post that included the link to Longboard Dancing with hyo_joo on Instagram.
    Love Gaia xx

  4. Yay a taking stock post. Love these from you. It will inspire me to do the same.
    You rock Pip!

    1. You are such a darling-face to always be so kind and supportive. THANK YOU!!! xx

  5. I wrote a year’s worth of Taking Stock posts, linked to in this last one in December:

    Thanks again for my inspiration Pip x

  6. Hello lovely Pip!
    Your food always looks the most delicious & so inviting. Can food look inviting? I think I must mean that I’d just like to eat it!

    I read The Trauma Cleaner last year, we’ll listened to the audiobook & LOVED IT! It was one of my fave reads of the year, possibly going into my most faves ever….the story is all the things & the narration was perfection. I bloody loved it.

    I too have been doing the de-stash/de-clutter thing but as soon as I bag it up I put it in my car so I remember to drop it off. I have no memory.

    Enjoy celebrating your boy on Thursday. Much love to you xx

  7. I have just rediscovered your blog after about 10 years and loving it. I learnt to crochet following your instructions and still have the first blanket I made ! Your list has got me thinking… look for the positive things which I am trying to do after a few bad years, I have a dog who looks like yours, Anna rescued from Romania . I am in the middle of winter here in the UK !

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