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Taking Stock: In May!

May 28, 2020
Cottles Bridge weekend

Hello, peaches!

You know what time it is? It’s time to take stock! If you haven’t ever done this, maybe today is the day to do so? You could just grab a notebook and get started? Or tap your answers into the Notes app on your phone? I promise it’s a very heartening exercise.

Taking Stock a la Pip

Making: About 27 blankets. It’s problematic. One day I would like to publish a book of blankets.
Cooking: Pumpkin soup during these last days of Autumn.
Sipping: Tea! All of the tea!
Reading: Stephen Fry’s book about writing poems. It’s so bloody great. I am loving it. Also? I got a Distinction for the poem I shared here. Clearly not as good as an HD, but I have lots to learn, so I am pleased!
Waiting: To watch The Beach. It looks brilliant. (It’s on SBS on Friday at 7.30pm and then on demand.)
Looking: Forward to starting two new units next week. Making the most of this strange time by doubling my study load. Once those units are done I’ve completed 1/6 of a Creative Writing degree!! Slowly does it.
Listening: To The Well Gardened Mind by Sue Stuart-Smith on Audible. It’s available to order as an actual book, too.
Wishing: I had a bit more energy. I seem to need to go to bed at 8.30 each night!
Enjoying: Long conversations with my youngest.
Appreciating: Teachers. Childcare workers. Healthcare workers. Retail workers. Emergency service workers. Delivery drivers. Everyone who continues to work with the general public.
Eating: Tuna salad!

Tuna Salad and Liberty Frogs
Liking: A post by Readings sharing some of the best National Reconciliation Week reads.
Loving: Feeling safe enough to go to the doctor again. All the distancing and hygiene measures are in place and it’s important to continue to check in and look after our health during the pandemic.
Buying: Sourdough bread! My starter did not really work out, so I’m enjoying Wood Frog Bakery’s expert loaves instead.
Managing: To keep mental health issues sorted during this hard time, despite a brief dalliance with depression in early April and anxiety popping up intermittently. A daily routine, walking, sleeping, writing, study, medication have all helped.
Watching: Defending Jacob on Prime Video. Are you watching it? I am finding it gripping.
Hoping: You are okay.

Books and snacks
Wearing: Slippers a lot of the time. I only just found out there are indoor slippers and outdoor slippers. So there are the type with a more robust sole that you can nip out to the clothesline in. Who even knew? Probably you did. I did not.
Following: The news as best I can. Without going overboard.
Noticing: My asthma is crappy at the moment. I suppose weather/stress combine their superpowers to make this happen. Gee thanks, guys.
Sorting: Out my to-dos in my diary each day. It feels nice to keep track of things … like it gives me some control. I wonder where we’ll all be in a year from now.
Getting: Lots and lots of words written since I started book-writing in April. I’m now 44,000 words into a memoir-type book and 25,000 words into a book for tired mums.
Bookmarking: This story. “the pair hugged their rescuers – who in turn gave them chocolate bars.”
Coveting: The new Frankie Magazine. There is a piece from me in there about navigating difficult days! ALSO? Have you seen their new website?! So nice.

Feeling: Lucky to have had a few nights away. The kids and I stayed at a house around 30 minutes from home – at Cottles Bridge. It was so lovely to hang out and talk and eat and look at a beautiful view and watch movies and enjoy the fire and spot kangaroos! Phew!
Hearing: Currawongs in the tree outside my window.

Thank you for reading, champs!

x pip

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Here is a blank list, in case you fancy Taking Stock too …

Taking Stock



  • Reply Dianne May 29, 2020 at 9:59 PM

    I have indoor slippers ( because they are those fabric ones, no hard soles!) and sort of outdoor slippers – 2 pairs of slip on cheap runners. Our backyard is a mud patch due to our 13 month old pup and all the rain so I am forever swapping my “ outdoor” shoes for the least muddy pair!

    • Reply Pip May 30, 2020 at 7:54 AM

      SLIP on runners. That is such a good idea, Dianne. I have Birkenstocks by the back door, but in this cooler weather they are NOT suitable and I get wet toes when I go into the garden! My yard has a bit of a. muddy patch, but is mostly grassy thank goodness. Have a lovely weekend, chicken. xxx

  • Reply Kate May 28, 2020 at 11:47 AM

    Pip you have been doing so much. Well done and no wonder you need to go to bed at 8.30. Honestly I think that’s a perfectly acceptable bedtime at this time of the year. I’m usually tucked in by 9.
    Cheers Kate

  • Reply Amanda May 28, 2020 at 10:17 AM

    Excellent work re: studying. I’m 48 and finished my creative writing degree last year. My first completed tertiary degree. ?
    Some subjects were more enjoyable than others. I’m 60,000 words through a memoir/food/travelogue. These low-employment times have been a good incentive to keep on it.

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