Taking Stock: Hello April!

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Soooooo. It’s APRIL everyone. I know. How? It’s some kind of witchcraft, I tell you! Also it’s my Mum’s birthday! Happy birthday MUM!

Family photo - pip

that’s me in the blue. and my sister in the apricot. and my mum in the green.

Even though I have not been blogging as often as usual, the good news is that I have been doing heaps of other things. I am going to write some of them here, in case you are in a bit of a fug and looking for some fresh habits of interesting new things.

Quite a few people have been asking for various crochet how-tos, for some of the blankets I have made over the last year or so. I am honestly trying to find the energy to put those together, but it is hard to find time when I am busily staring into the river looking for a platypus or looking up things I’ve read about in books or trying to find a pair of vintage binoculars (in a brown leather case, with a leather strap only). Obvs I have a lot on.

Here is a taking stock for April (but really it’s mostly what I’ve been doing in MARCH!)

Making : A hot water bottle cosy. #WinterDayPrepping (Also making Madeira Cake and brownies and pumpkin soup and dinner rolls and other things. Yum!)
Cooking : AKA more making. Cooking roast chicken and also lots of steamed veggies. I started getting deliveries from CERES again (well, ONE so far!) – and I remembered how great the fruit and vegetable boxes are. The veggies are so delicious. Just steamed with some fresh herbs and butter and freshly ground black pepper. (I got a steamer from Savers after the one we had disappeared somewhere…)
Drinking : Gen Mai Cha from Tea2. Ari and I had some Gen Mai Cha on my birthday and it was so nice, so when I drink this it makes me think of my birthday. In a good way. (It’s green tea with nutty rice in it, if you haven’t tried it before.)
Reading : The Outrun by Amy Liptrot. I am loving this book. I’m trying to read womens’ nature-ish writing for the whole year. So far, so good! (I read H is for Hawk and The Fish Ladder in January and February).
Next read : The Wasp and the Orchid by Danielle Clode (if I can get to Readings to grab a copy!) I spotted it on Saturday and didn’t buy it (because I have a whole big pile of books to read already) and then I found this podcast about it and now I am kicking myself that I didn’t snap it up because I know I need to read it next!)
Wanting : Some new white runners. I have worn mine out and they look like crarrp. (That’s a more polite way of saying crap.)
Looking : At books about flowers and herbs, too.
Playing : Clair de Lune * insert heart-eye face * I know nothing about classical music, really. To be clear.
Deciding : To blog a little more. I really need to pull my socks up and stop overthinking it.
Wishing : For more PEP. Pip pep.
Enjoying : Daylight savings being over! Is that weird? I’m so FINE with no daylight savings.
Waiting : For something that is taking a long time.
Liking : Lonely Isles. Fair Isle Bird Observatory and Guesthouse. Laetitia Vancon. (All via Amy Liptrot’s book, The Outrun).
Wondering : About spiritual homes and how strong the pull of where you come from/were born/grew up is – and if that is a sort of foundation for fallback for many of us.
Loving : Breakfast books. Every morning I read a chapter of my book over breakfast and it’s honestly one of my favourite bits of my day.
Pondering : The new wildlife
Considering : That there are moonbows. A lunar bow. Like a nighttime rainbow. Amazing.
Buying : Hawthorn Honey from some cute people at the Camberwell Market yesterday. I also got a Justin Bieber t-shirt.
Watching : Sneaky Pete, Call The Midwife and Enlightened (again!)
Next watch : I am not sure … Maybe Ugly Delicious.
Hoping : For a family dinner in the city this week.
Marvelling : At Planet Earth II’s penguins and freaking scary chasey snakes.
Cringing : At what’s happening with Facebook and their ethics/data breaches.
Needing : A new purse. I like these ones.
Questioning : Which bits and bobs around the house I don’t really need.
Smelling : Bug spray. Gross.
Wearing : Comfy pants. Plus comfy shirt.
Following : Cygnet Kitchen
Worrying : About a faraway dog I can hear crying all day, every day.
Noticing : Our supermarket had sold out of tonic water over Easter. Diet AND regular. I imagine everyone in their houses is eating chocolate eggs and drinking G&Ts. (Not me though.)
Knowing : Easter is over, everyone! If you got a break, I hope you did some nice stuff.
Thinking : About the symbolism in paintings (something else I don’t know a lot about!)
Admiring : Two rabbits, one possum, twelves ducks, eight coots. At the river today.
Sorting : Books. Getting rid of the ones I have read or have changed my mind about reading.
Getting : Crackling knees. Why is that? A sort of snap, crackle, pop.
Bookmarking : Chocolate Chip Sour Cream Coffee Cake with Apples
Coveting : Apart from a purse and some sneakers? A velvet-y tracksuit. Because I am a mild and fuzzy sort of gangster, obviously.
Disliking : Roseanne Barr
Opening : A jar of salsa
Giggling : At Santa Clarita Diet – but it’s toooooo gory so I can’t watch it very often.
Feeling : Relaxed, tired, rice-bubbley at the joints.
Snacking : On corn chips and salsa
Hearing : Mariachi music on TV

Hope you have been doing some salsa-involving stuff too!

x pip

Meet Me At Mike's Meet Me At Mike's Meet Me At Mike's Meet Me At Mike's Meet Me At Mike's

If you would like to do this, here is a blank list for you to cut and paste somewhere that works for you. x

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :
Next read:
Next watch:


  1. Thanks so much for the The Outrun recommendation Pip. I read it by a blustery beach near Lorne. Made me think of the islands of Tassie, Fair Isle jumpers and the deliciousness of introspection. You always put me on to winners!

  2. I’ve been missing this post! 🙂 Yours is very full this month! LOL! I post mine at the end of each month. So, here it is

  3. Hi! After a very long time out from blogging, your Taking Stock lists are inspiring me to start up again. Thank you! 🙂

    I heard that since Drew Barrymore is vegan, all those creepy body parts she eats on the show are made of gummy candy. That made it so I could watch without worrying that I might pass out. Hope it’s helpful for you as well. xo

  4. You are inspiring in various ways. Cake also looks delicious, do you have the recipe. Yum

  5. I love this idea Pip, totally going to poach it, lol xx

  6. Thank you for always sharing so many good vibes Pip x

  7. I really enjoyed reading this list Pip. So many great links for me to follow.
    That purse reminds me of my primary school bff mum. She had a similar purse. I really love it. Perhaps I will look at something like that when mine finally dies. It has feel good memories for me

    I really love your idea of reading a chapter at breakfast. My mourning routine doesn’t allow for that, but I’m sure I can make a space somewhere else in my day.
    I have been on one platypus spotting walk since you inspired me, sadly I didn’t see any that day, but I will be back.
    I love green tea so now I’m intrigued to try the one you mentioned.
    I hope you do blog more often, but that’s entirely selfish.
    Cheers Kate.

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