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Taking Stock: April 2020

April 22, 2020

What a difference a couple of months makes. Last time I wrote a Taking Stock post I had no clue of the global upheaval that lay ahead. I am grateful that I have been well throughout this pandemic and able to isolate myself as much as possible. I hope you are keeping well too.

Taking Stock

Making: Roasted cherry tomatoes. I have so many cherry tomatoes I need to get them sorted before they go to squishy. I’m going to roast them for 25 minutes at about 350 degrees and then put them in jars packed with sliced garlic and basil, covering them with olive oil.

Cooking: Slow cooked things. Take that, naysayer! I’ve been slow cooking lots of things. This thread on Facebook has some friend-sourced recipe ideas for those that asked.

Sipping: The occasional glass of this lovely wine. (Yes. I buckled under the pressure of the pandemic and have abandoned my year of no alcohol. It’s not often that I bugger up a self-imposed challenge, but it is what it is. I forgive myself!)

pip tomato freak

I love tomatoes!

Reading: Mad Girl by Bryony Gordon. I love the way she writes. Also? Lots of poetry textbooks and poems too. This week we’re studying metaphors and monologues.

Looking: Forward to being able to visit neighbouring suburbs … and beyond again one day. Won’t that be good?!

Listening: To Nicole Richie’s alter ego Nikki Fresh rapping about gardening, ugly veggies, crystals and bees. So funny and great. Here’s a Spotify playlist, if you fancy. (There is swearing).

Wishing: For a long weekend at the beach with my kids.

Enjoying: Knitting! I am not really much of a knitter, but I am knitting a ‘worry blanket’ regardless. It started off as this very, very simple blanket but now I’m putting my own stamp on it. Every time I feel a bit stressed I knit a row or two … or more. It’s very bolstering and satisfying. I loved this story about this very thing.

Eating: Falafel. I made these ones and they worked out great. They did not fall apart at the frying stage and were super tasty.

Liking: it that ‘the curve’ is flattening in Australia. I wish this were the case everywhere. I can’t imagine how it must feel living in the US right now, where things seem to be very scary.

Loving: My fledgling garden and the nice times it brings.

Buying: Groceries. Hunkering down and being mindful of the times.

Watching: New Amsterdam. Has anyone else watched it? I love a hospital drama.

Hoping: We never have to go through something like this again.

Wearing: A favourite gingham dress I found at the op shop on my birthday last month. With slippers. As you do.

Following: The Future Kept (found via SF Girl)

The Future Keptimage by The Future Kept

Noticing: So many more bees in my backyard!

Sorting: I probably should be sorting something out … but I’m not.

Getting: tired A LOT. I think lots of people are. Stress = fatigue.

Saving: Jars for jam and chutney.

Bookmarking: This recipe for Butterbean mash with muhammara. How good does it look?!

Coveting: The same thing as I was last time I wrote this post in January. A stick mixer! One day it will be mine!

Feeling: Hopeful.

Hearing: The whole neighbourhood drilling, whipper-snipping, mowing, leaf-blowing, hammering. It’s a DIY and gardening bonanza at the moment, isn’t it?

Keep as well as you can, peaches. Thinking of you.

x pip

Here is a blank list, in case you fancy Taking Stock too …

Taking Stock


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  • Reply Julie April 27, 2020 at 8:45 AM

    How weird is life right now Some of the changes I love, some not so much. Im enjoying cooking for my household of 6 getting engrossed in the measuring, chopping and stirring and taking time to sit together to eat the results.
    We were given a stick mixer as a wedding gift 28 years ago and are still using it Its a great addition to any kitchen
    Glad you are well and coping.

  • Reply amanda April 23, 2020 at 11:34 AM

    Ryan Eggold keeps cropping up – I finally got round to watching Black KKlansman and he is great in that

  • Reply Gemma April 23, 2020 at 10:59 AM

    Hi Pip, just to say that I have the Breville Control Grip stick mixer, and it is ace and a fraction of the price of the Bamix (it looks like Big W have them for $89 at the mo). I use it often, it zaps soups brilliantly and I sometimes use the mini food processor attachment, and also the whisk when I can’t be bothered going old school with cream. I had a Bamix style one with fiddily little cutters to put in, and I couldn’t get along with it. This one just has one cutting blade that is permanently attached. I’m a big fan.

  • Reply Michelle April 23, 2020 at 8:32 AM

    I always love reading these, so good x

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