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June 3, 2014

It’s been a while since I did a Taking Stock post. Since I did the very first one, it’s kind of spread all over the internet with lots of ace bloggers joining in. Like this one. And this one. And this one too! I’m totally into that. It’s such a fun, simple exercise that somehow helps to clear the head AND mark the day. Nice!

Here’s my Taking Stock for today:

Making : A blanket (as usual!)
Cooking : Lots of soup
Drinking : Lots of tea (Brrr.. Winter is actually here!)
Reading: With The Walking Book Club – I’ve just about finished The Land Of Decoration
Wanting: To be fitter
Looking: Forward to the Frankie 60th Issue party next week
Playing: Lots of WW2 tunes – they remind me of my Nan, I think!
Deciding: On a new/old couch for my studio as I am couchless there
Wishing: For longer days and cosy nights
Enjoying: A new exercise program
Waiting: For my Anthropologie order to arrive (plates and bowls!)
Liking: How a warm heart can fix most things
Wondering: If it will get even colder and wetter
Loving: Writing my Feeling A Bit Sh*t? newsletter! Love! I have over 800 subscribers already! Wow!
Pondering: #normcore
Considering: Planning a holiday
Watching: The Darjeeling Limited (again!)
Hoping: I can finally watch The Grand Budapest Hotel tomorrow
Marvelling: At how things can fall into place if you believe it
Needing: To sort a few things out, to tackle a few jobs that have been put aside for now
Smelling: Carnations and roses
Wearing: A green plaid skirt and a black roll-neck jumper. It’s my ‘The Queen’ outfit.
Following: Canal House lunches
Noticing: My hair is growing so-so -fast
Knowing: The year will totally fly. It’ll be December in the blink of an eye.
Thinking: About which book to listen to next
Feeling: Pretty good!
Admiring: Hailey and her great new thing
Sorting: Out all the things in the fridge
Buying: #opshoptunes
Getting: Tired earlier and earlier in the day!
Bookmarking: This!
Disliking: Dumb news sites
Opening: My eyes way too late each morning!
Giggling: When I watch Jimmy Fallon
Feeling: Proud of the thing I made for the next Frankie Magazine. YAY!
Snacking: On chocolate sometimes
Coveting: A new phone. Mine is on its last legs.
Wishing: Phones didn’t cost quite so much!
Helping: Friends move
Hearing: Max playing ‘Air’ upstairs. The music he was born to!

And a blank list for you to copy to your own blog or Facebook, if you want to!

xx Pip

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :

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