Hello Pip-Life Taking Stock

:: Taking Stock 005

What have you been doing? Do you know what I am doing? I’m TAKING STOCK. Here I go. Watch me!

Making : cute pictures
Cooking : from Snackistan
Drinking : so. much. tea.
Reading: The Convent
Wanting: time to slow down a bit!
Looking: at trees a lot
Playing: op shop CDs
Deciding: on projects for my book
Wishing: for down time
Enjoying: The Supper MarketΒ (although the food is QUITE pricey!)
Waiting: for my new bag to be made
Liking: the thing I am crocheting
Wondering: when the weather will cool down
Loving: my studio
Pondering: rental properties
Considering: Ari’s many requests
Watching: my Blog With Pip students learning things!
Hoping: I can keep up with everything
Marvelling: at how persistent mosquitos are
Needing: a way to stop them
Smelling: something delicious cooking for dinner from this book
Wearing: my favourite black dress & my oldie-but-goodie yellow Salties with Cornflower nail polish
Following: The Other Kate Berry
Noticing: how many good things life has to offer (even though there are challenges)
Knowing: I have some gorgeous friends and family
Thinking: I’m really glad Schapelle was released
Feeling: positive and lucky
Admiring: my clever friends
Sorting: out all of the things I don’t need
Buying: op shop things
Getting: fitter and healthier and stronger
Bookmarking: Veggiestan
Disliking: overtired people and their tempers
Opening: windows to let the cool in
Giggling: at the pre-schooler who shoots hoops
Feeling: tired-appy (it’s a thing!)
Snacking: on lots of salad
Coveting: peaceful days
Wishing: that Steve Price dude on the telly would shut up
Helping: someone cute with something BIG!
Hearing: all the little birdies


I made you a list in case you want to play too! I tweak the list each time I post it, just to be fickle!

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :

How are you going? Let me know if you do this so I can read your list too!

(Also: HOW GOOD are those plates?! They are PLASTIC and Made In Italy and all kinds of crazy!)

x Pip

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