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January 20, 2014

I’m still easing into this new year, I think. I’m not sure about it so far, to be honest. I spent a week very ill in bed. Then we had a week of intense heat. And now we have this week and I’m feeling a bit peaky, post heatwave. I think the lack of recuperation time and the lack of sleep has me on the run down back foot.

Still. It’s so easy to say I’m not sure about this year, right? But really, the days should stand alone… It’s a bit dramatic to be talking about this year in cross terms just yet. Let’s just say there’s been some unfun days and take those on their own merit (or lack of.) I don’t want to catastrophise. I don’t want to be 2014ist. I’m sure it’s all going to turn out GREAT in the end.

Lots of good stuff has been happening, despite the illness and the heat. Let me tell you more. (And pop over to see Kate’s version of Taking Stock, too!)

Making : Project samples for my book shoot and healthy snacks
Cooking : Dosa and curry
Drinking : Milky coffee and hot tea
Reading: The Goldfinch. Still. I know. I got a bit busy and put it down!
Wanting: A little couch for my new studio
Looking: At trees a lot. Trees are good.
Playing: 3RRR on the radio, silly games with Ari
Deciding: What to keep and what to get rid of and where to go
Wishing: For lots of hangout time this year and some Sophie Dahl chicken soup
Enjoying: Talks with my peeps. Family and pals.
Waiting: For an email from Vicki Button
Liking: The lovely cool weather
Wondering: Where we’ll be living at Christmas time
Loving: Walks in my favourite gardens with my faves
Pondering: Michelle Bridges morphing into J’amie and the bravery of some rad people
Considering: A hot bath and cosy times
Watching: Sons of Anarchy and The Biggest Loser (I know!!!)
Hoping: For nice times ahead
Marvelling: At how amazing some people are
Needing: Cheesecake from Yong Green Food
Smelling: Forgotten perfume
Wearing: these Funkis clogs
Following: Kate’s Summer blanket
Wanting: Salmon and rice and avocado and cucumber
Noticing: Some people doing it so very tough
Knowing: It’s a new phase and that things change
Thinking: I need to make three more bits to finish my blanket
Feeling: Excited about something I’m planning to make
Admiring: People who carve their own path
Sorting: Max’s options
Buying: Ari’s birthday gifts
Getting: Nice messages from cute people
Bookmarking: lots of things on Pinterest
Disliking: Instagram rudeness
Opening: All the windows
Giggling: On the phone with Kirst. Sometimes shaking our heads too.
Feeling: Hopeful

A blank list for you to copy and paste…! In case you want to do this too!

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :


Do you want to take stock too?

x Pip

PS: The jam and chutney are forthcoming from our friend Emma Dean!

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