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November 23, 2013

Pip Lincolne : Meet Me At Mikes

It’s a rainy Saturday night in Melbourne. I’m nursing a sore wrist, sipping tea, typing from under the blankets and hearing Attenborough coming from the downstairs telly. Let me tell you more:

Making : a digital magazine!!!!
Cooking : kimchi noodle salad
Drinking : so. much. tea
Reading: The Goldfinch. This might be part of the sore wrist issue? 771 pages. OMG.
Wanting: a full night’s sleep
Looking: forward to December
Playing: all of the Lorde all of the time
Deciding: on Christmas gifts
Wishing: for a bit more energy
Enjoying: Smash. (Kate told me to watch it and I am!)
Waiting: for some books to arrive
Liking: early nights
Wondering: where we’ll be this time next year
Loving: ticking things off my list
Pondering: all the things that are coming up, project/work-wise
Considering: Book SIX!!! Exciting conversations are happening!
Watching: raindrops
Hoping: for some sunnier days soon
Marvelling: at how things/people grow
Needing: to exercise more
Smelling: LouLou
Wearing: pyjamas
Following: lots of blogs via Feedly. Do you use it?
Noticing: how tired I am when I don’t exercise
Knowing: Christmas Day will be upon us in a trice
Thinking: about friends, fads, fashion, things like that
Feeling: like I’m getting somewhere
Admiring: UnRoll.me. It will totally SAVE YOU FROM HATING YOUR INBOX. Sign up!
Buying: not much. Saving up for important things like Christmas and moving next year.
Getting: excited about all the Softies For Mirabel that have arrived. Are you coming to our meet?!
Bookmarking: The Goldfinch… many times a day
Opening: some lovely mail from Zali and also Amy
Giggling: with Ari playing snippets of the most popular songs on Spotify. OMG.
Feeling: super happy about Blog With Pip


A blank list for you to copy and paste…! In case you want to do this too!

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :


Do you want to take stock too?

x Pip


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