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:: How To Crochet Stars

Don’t freak out, but it’s September. That means I’ve just sent my Christmas project into Frankie. It also means that if you are cray like me, you can get started making cute holiday decorations before things get too busy.…

How to use a clover pom pom maker
craft handmade Hello

:: How To Use A Clover Pom Pom Maker

You totally know how much I love pom poms, right? Remember the pom pom window? Rin’s pom pommy wedding? The pom pom rug? My pom pom pass it on with Clare Bowditch? And this little pom pom  how-to via my…

Crochet handmade Pip-Life

Simple Ripple Crochet Pattern

  Looking for a simple ripple crochet pattern? Here’s how to make a basic ripple blanket! If you’d like to make yours with the cute ‘ridges’ like the neon and white one I’m making above, you need to crochet…