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Blog BWP Inspiration Motivation Week Four

How To Be More Creative

Creativity is at the heart of every great blog. Without it, there’s a sameness to our blogs. Things become formulaic. Blogs take on a cookie cutter facade. They become predictable and interchangeable in some cases. We can do much…

Blog BWP Motivation Week Four

How To Blog Consistently

How to blog consistently : Ten useful tips! 1. When to write – Optimal writing time: Everyone is different. You’ll notice that there are times of the day when you are MUCH more productive, energised and creative than others. Mine is first thing…

Blog BWP Motivation Week One Writing Tips

Finding Your Blog Niche

  Let’s talk about blog niches! Food blogs, style blogs, craft blogs, shazam! In ye olden days of blogging, blogs were much less sophisticated. They usually stayed within their niche, posting images and writing that fitted their chosen genre.…

Blog BWP Motivation Week One Writing Tips

Why Are You Blogging?

Blogging is a really excellent metaphor for life, I feel. If you try to balance your blogging approach so that it mirrors your life approach, then your blog will serve you well.  Alternatively, you could have a really great-totally-together…