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:: A Granny A Day : 2012

It’s Autumn. I know that you think it’s all about leaves falling from trees. It is. But it’s also about getting ready to cosy down with some crochet (despite the fact that it is going to be 30 degrees…


:: A Granny A Day

1. Crochet Blankets, 2. tiempo para tejer, 3. An Afternoon’s Happy Industry, 4. 3 6 5 : 1 3 6, 5. last round, 6. Untitled, 7. Vivid Dreams Blanket (WIP) All these photos are from the ‘A Granny A Day‘ flickr group : we started this…

Crochet Hello

:: Crochet School : Lesson 8 : Making Round 3

lovely grannies above by All Things Bright Hey! Hope it’s going well for you in Nanna-Land! Here’s the complete video series to show you how to make ‘Round 3’ of your granny square! After this you can make round…