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Not table-top dancing. I am not a very good dancer, you see.

We’ve been doing lots of cooking on the cute gas cooktop we bought last Summer. We took it to the park a lot then, cooking vegetables and minute steaks on a picnic rug. This year we’re at home rolling Naan and Roti on the coffee table in front of the telly and flipping them into a pan.  It’s so good.  You don’t need much flour, because the little balls of dough are well oiled and they don’t stick. In other words, it’s not a floury mess all over your rug. Nobody wants that.

We started off making the Roti from this Indian book – thanks Gina! –  (it’s a simple, blank canvas kind of flat bread for your curry mopping delight.) But we’ve moved back to Amy’s fave Naan because they smell so good when they are cooking, taste so delicious and the kids are really into them. Ok. I am into them too.  You really need to make some too.

I’m going to make them with wholemeal flour tonight, because two nights of white flour is enough for me. I like wholemeal. Wholemeal is MUCH better for you and I like the nuttiness of it too.

Ari started Year 7 yesterday. And Max starts Year 12 today. Gosh. That totally crept up on me. They seem to have their heads screwed on right, as the saying goes, so I’m trying not to be too sooky about the whole growing up thing…  Do you have kids? How is that working out for you?

This morning, I went for an early walk, saw balloons and listened to a podcast about Seth Godin. I’m really not in that Seth Godin gang, but he was saying some interesting stuff about smaller online communities and how great they were and I stopped being anti Seth and started listening.  He also talked about his definition of making art. Interesting. I always think he’s the kind of guy that marketing people should listen to. I’m a bit scared of all the spin. That said, this interview was really interesting and not at all spinny.  So there you go.

What are you doing today?

(Yesterday I wrote a piece about blogging and writing for JustB.  The day before that I wrote a piece for JustB about public violence. Go see, if you would like to!)

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