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How to adjust your social media use for health and happiness


How to adjust your social media use for health and happiness

Is social media driving you up the wall a bit? Do you love the inspiration but hate the drama? Perhaps you’re not sure how to deal with distressing content in your feed? Or maybe you aren’t even sure what you want from social media in an increasingly noisy, sometimes hostile environment?

This eCourse will help you to troubleshoot the tricky bits and reclaim the good. It will also show you how to harness excellent content online – and teach you how to deal kindly with grumpy sods.

Get Together eCourse Lessons

  1. Your personal social media rule book – okay, not okay, no way!
  2. Friends and frenemies – who are you talking to? Are you cool with that?
  3. Privacy settings and post filtering – curating who you most and least want to see
  4. Your social media who and why (who are you and why are you here?)
  5. Tips on building an interesting and inspiring feed
  6. Simple ways to control your usage and break the random scroll pattern
  7. How to comment clearly (and not start a war or be easily misunderstood)
  8. Ideas on responding to or processing criticism, pile-ons, shaming and trolling
  9. Ideas on processing tough news/posts
  10. The evolving you – why it’s okay to change your view
  11. Fostering and prioritising in real life connections
  12. Dealing with ‘pressure to post’ and keeping up with the Joneses
  13. Social media manners (and annoying characters you don’t want to be!)
  14. Rationalising accounts, taking a break – or deactivating -simplified



This eCourse comprises 14 lessons and begins on Tuesday 3rd October.

It is self paced and will have an accompanying Facebook group to discuss the lessons. I’ll be available in the Facebook group for discussion and advice for 14 days. And then beyond, via email, if you need me.

You can email me with any queries or wonderings, any time. And I will send you all the details you need via email, before our course begins on Tuesday 3rd October.

Get Together


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