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:: Steve and Michelle’s Fancy Night Out…

April 12, 2010

Hello!  How are you? I am pretty good!  I am trucking along with the book, making LOTS of things I can’t show you yet…. Argh. How annoying. I hope you understand….!  I can’t wait for you to see it all.  I think you will like it! I do!

At the moment we are all working on the cover design of our new book. We have a few options, and want to be sure that we choose the exact right one.  So that is kind of fun.  Michelle Mackintosh is designing the book and she is so cute and clever and talented and smart. So we are in very good hands, peeps!

Do you know that Michelle is an illustrator?  She is!  Look at these picture books that she made with her fella, Steve Wide. That’s them up there.  They are ace. Get them for the kids you know, I say.  It will help Michelle and Steve have a fancy night out on the town. Heaven knows someone should have a fancy night out. What better people then Michelle and Steve, I say. You can buy them at all good booksellers. (The books, not Michelle and Steve.)

If you are a Melbourne type, you might be all over Steve already (in a wholesome way).  He has a radio show on 3RRR called Far and Wide.  It’s on Friday afternoon. If you are not in Melbourne, you can stream it online here. Apparently Gary Numan listens. I think that is a fib, actually.

Anyhoo.  What are you up to, reader? I would like to know. What are you making? I am guessing it’s not embargoed like my making, so maybe you could save my skin and share your tinkering with us?!  Links to your blog are most welcome.  Show off, why dontcha?

xx Pip

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