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Something Good For The Weekend: The Busy-Book-Writing-Bee Edition

June 14, 2020

Well hello! I have been a bit quiet here because I am eyeball-deep in writing my new book. Once I have delivered my manuscript I will have more time to do other things … like write here, do my uni homework and work on another book!

Keeping busy has been the very best thing for me to do during these strange and sad times, although I totally get it if other people find the opposite. Different strokes for different folks, etc.

Now I am cosied up on the couch, bundled against the cold in a horrible-but-excellent fuzzy dressing gown and wanting to talk about some good things, as is often my way.

So let’s do that?

Something Good To Do

Donate to Sisters Inside and help free indigenous women who have been jailed for unpaid fines here.

Something/s Good To Know

My book deadline is tomorrow! What am I doing writing here? I do not know!!! Procrastinating!

So … I’m writing a book for mums of all ages. It’s a super practical book about looking after yourself when your kids or work/life situation or family in general are driving you a bit bonkers. And about remembering that you are a very excellent human and deserve to carve out time for yourself. It’s due out early next year and I have been writing like a demon to get it done. If you know a mum, she might need this one. It’s kind of like a bolstering cup of tea in book form. Possibly with a shot of whisky in it.

Something Good To Watch

I’ve been a busy book-writing bee, but I am still always up to date with The Heights and I think Melissa Leong is the best thing to EVER happen to Masterchef Australia.

Jan Fran’s latest Frant is an important one.

Something Good To Read

This amazing story about the ancient Roman floor that was recently unearthed beneath grape vines near Verona. It dates back to 3AD!

Ancient tiles in Verona

I’m studying a media unit at the moment and we were asked to read a Pulitzer Prize winning article. There are a bunch of brilliant pieces on the list. Perhaps you might want to delve in too?!

A man is delighting onlookers by taking his tortoise “the big boy” on walks around the neighbourhood. Read more here.

Something Good To Listen To

My friend Yvonne told me about the podcast I Weigh with Jameela Jamil and I have really liked listening to the interviews. I have listened to Reese Witherspoon, Roxanne Gay and Beanie Feldstein ones so far. The idea behind the title is that those interviewed talk about what defines them. At the end of each episode Jameela asks her guest what they weigh. But they don’t actually reveal the physical weight of their bodies. Instead (and I am pretending I am Jameela’s guests) they say things like –  “I weigh my excellent library of interesting books, my beautiful relationships with my kids, my curiosity, my optimism and my enduring urge to connect with other humans.”

There is frank talk about shame, vulnerability, triumphs and challenges … as well as bodies.  So you could give that a listen, if you fancy. Initially I wondered if so much talk about bodies was really a good idea … but the fact remains that we are in them and have feelings about them. There is no point pretending we don’t. There is a whole I Weigh community you can explore, if you fancy that.

Something Good To Cook

How about this Ricotta Cake? (Thanks to Ellie for the tip!) How delicious does it look?!

Ricotta Cake

Tomato and chickpea curry

Or perhaps tomato and chickpea curry? That looks delicious and is on my list of to-dos.

Something Good To Buy

Caitlin Moran has a new book on the way. You can pre-order it here. I love her writing so much and am waiting so (non)patiently to see the movie version of How To Build A Girl (with one of my super faves, Beanie Feldstein!)

Caitlin Moran More Than A Woman

I’m also pretty obsessed with these stickers by Jenna Templeton. So. Very. Cute! In fact all her work is brilliant. Take a peek here.

Jenna Templeton Stickers Jenna Templeton Stickers

And Bryony Gordon’s new book is almost go! I am a big fan of her writing and can not wait to dive in. Find out more here.

Glorious Rock Bottom

Something Good To Make

How about some Elderflower Gin?! Seems like a very important DIY to me. *nods*

And a few borrowed lines …

Pop over to Odes To Ordinary Things to enjoy those!

Hope you are having a smashing weekend!

xx pip


  • Reply Kay June 14, 2020 at 4:04 PM

    I clicked on Odes to Ordinary Things and at the same time closed down your page but I had to reopen your page again and come back to tell you how much I loved the poetry. I enjoyed it so much that I opened their website and spent a while looking around. It is a completely new website for me and I will be telling all of my fiends about You have literally made my day. x

  • Reply Reannon June 14, 2020 at 1:20 PM

    I am so excited about Caitlin’s new book, she is one of my favourite authors. This week I was looking for podcasts to listen to so searched for any that had her in it & found two- Back to Yours, in which Caitlin is so bloody hilarious & the host laughs so much. The other is called Happy Mum, Happy Baby which doesn’t sound like my kind of thing but again, Caitlin is hilarious & engaging. I love her so much. She is SO smart!!! I am also waiting not so patiently to see How to Build a Girl.

    And I am VERY excited about your book Pip. I am a the kind of mum who needs your book!

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