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Some people are really good at embroidery, right?

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I got up really early this morning – 4.30am – to take care of some work that I didn’t get to do yesterday. Once I had that all sorted, I made some coffee and toast and I wrote all day. This is a good job to have, for sure, but now my eyeballs are boinging out and my brain is a leeeetle bit frazzled.

The thing I do when I feel like this is to spend time away from big and small screens.


That is a lie.

That’s a thing I sometimes do. When I am being sensible and virtuous. Other times, when I have boing-eyes and brain-goo, I pour a glass of wine, open a packet of BBQ Crinkle Cuts, get out my phone and hopefully scroll through Instagram.

I know it might seem irresponsible and counter-intuitive staying glued to the screen, what with the eye boing and all, but I do it because I am – (lazy?) – looking for something to spark me up and remind me that there truly is inspiration around every corner, and tomorrow is a new and brilliant day.

(The chips and wine sometimes help me keep my spirits up, in case you were wondering.)

Tonight I went deep into the chip, sip and scroll scenario and lo and behold I found these amazing embroideries.  LUCKY I didn’t go walking in the park or smelling the roses or some such, right?! Giant phew.

These delightful animals are hand stitched by the genius creative Going Going Factory – and I was tipped off about these by the genius Mr X Stitch.

(I am a bit nuts about embroidery, truth be told.)

If you are nuts about embroidery, you can follow going going factory on Instagram to get a regular dose of clever cattiness and pup perfection. Sometimes people are just casually, craftily, freakishly brilliant, aren’t they? Thank goodness for that.

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