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Some Fave Ladies :: Part Three

December 31, 2011

1. Gemma Jones : Gemma is one of my bestie best friends.  She’s also the curator at Outre Gallery and an artist in her own right.  This year she had her FIFTH! solo show at No Vacancy Gallery and I scraped all our pennies together to buy a painting from her (above).  It was totally worth those pennies, I am telling YOU!  Gemma is a lovely, smart, feisty, sweet, adorable, kind, thoughtful lady.  Her smarts come in handy when I’m in a spot of bother and her thoughtfulness is second to none. She has taught me stuff that I did not know I needed to know.  Phew!  AND she has stood by me through thick and thin.  Gemma Jones… LOVE YOUR WORK!


2. Michelle Mackintosh : MM is an illustrator and graphic designer.  She co-parents the amazing Bronte with her fella and they live in a lovely house in inner city Melbourne with their fish, The Sister Wives and The Prophet.  I met  Michelle through Hardie Grant books (my publisher) and I think that she’s dead level in the VERY IMPORTANT things I got from Hardie Grant (right alongside the books I made with them.)  In fact, she’s a titch ahead.  If I had to choose between the books and Michelle, I would choose Michelle, because she’s really the best kind of person you could EVER meet.  I can make more books, but I SO can’t make a Michelle. I’m not that crafty.  MM is a limited edition. 1 of 1.  Michelle Mackintosh… LOVE YOUR WORK!

3. Mirka Mora :: I love Mirka. I saw her in the street the day before yesterday, pushing her green pram, when we took a drive to the bike shop in Richmond. Once she came to my shop and asked to use the toilet. She peed with the door open and chatted about children and parenting and was VERY interested in talking about my BOYFRIEND, for some reason.  She’s like that. She’s a bit of a flirty tearaway, isn’t she?! I really do LOVE people who just live their lives they way they want to.  I am quite POLITE and live my life in ways that seem fun but correct.  Perhaps that is what Mirka does too, but her life seems to involve a lot more boob flashing and naughtiness than mine.  I do quite LOVE finding out about Mirka. If we all had a teesy bit of Mirka cheekiness the world would be a much nicer place, I think.  Mirka Mora… LOVE YOUR WORK!

4. Cathy Hope :: Curly, quilty, hip lady Cathy Hope is a complete trailblazer in the indie boutique department. She was the first person to combine old school craft and independent fashion into one amazing mini emporium, tweaking it all in her own contemporary way.  She blurred the lines between fashion and handmade and paved the way for a LOT of smaller stores to make their own retail cocktail and eschew the traditional model.  Her shop on Brunswick Street was a lush, cool, pretty beacon for interesting girls from all over town (and indeed Australia, the World, the UNIVERSE!)  She showed us that you could pluck the things you most loved, merchandise them carefully, host your customers beautifully and develop the kinds of products that no one else was making.  Ms Hope gave us all hope that you could do things your OWN way and it would be okay. She took the first punt. I am so pleased that she has now escaped from her shop to do the things she wants to do. But we will all miss D&H and its florally aceness!  Cathy Hope… LOVE YOUR WORK!

5. Sia Furler :: I mean COME ON. What is NOT to love!  I love Sia. Do you love her too? I particularly love following her on Twitter and reading her cute blurts.  I love knowing that she’s from Radelaide and feel smug to have been watching her 15 or so year journey from a sleepy Australian city to… THE WORLD! OMG.  I love her interestingness, her cute hair, her great costumes and the theatrical touch she brings to all she does.  I love it that we once chatted about crochet on the aforementioned Le Twit (she doesn’t know how to crochet, btw!)  Sia Furler… LOVE YOUR WORK!

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More Fave Ladies coming over the next week or so!  Who are YOUR faves?!

xx Pip

  • jenni January 4, 2012 at 6:58 PM

    I really like this series Pip, there's always room to find more fave ladies, please keep them coming…if you have time, no pressure, just really inspiring.
    Happy New Year to you & mm@m's!

  • Kirsty January 4, 2012 at 7:26 AM

    Love Gemma Jones & particularly love your words about her.

  • knitxcore. January 1, 2012 at 1:59 PM

    i adore Sia! such a magical lady!!!!!!!