:: Softies For Mirabel: The Arrivals

Softies For Mirabel
is our annual handmade toy drive to benefit the kids The Mirabel Foundation supports.

This year’s Softies For Mirabel was on display in the middle of the city at CAE. It was pretty amazing as they saw about 1000 times the traffic each day, meaning that all those cute critters were eyeballed by many more people than usual. I’ll post the photos of the display and meet and greet last weekend next.

. Did you know that many of the kids The Mirabel Foundation supports look forward to receiving a new handmade toy to add to their previous Softies For Mirabel collection of cuddles?
. Did you know that some rad Mirabel kids have SEVEN of these toys – one from each year?!
. Did you know that there is a SPECIAL LADY who matches each toy to the child who will love it the most?
. It’s all really true.

Thanks everyone for a WONDERFUL seventh year (especially to Sue and all at CAE for their help! And also the ace people at Spoonflower who put the word out and contribute every year!)  I can hardly believe we get so much support from the handy community. It really makes a difference.

Softies For Mirabel started off humbly as useful project to divert a little attention away from the commercialisation of the festive season and into something super important.  It’s a timely reminder of how vital it is to be thinking about good ways to extend your hand(made) reach into the community. Reaching out really matters. Great kids will be squeezing toys made by you and feeling happy to have a softie wingman. Thanks.

Without further ado, here are some of this year’s toys….!

 (If the slideshow doesn’t show up in your browser click here: if you can’t see the toys via your email click here)

Thanks again. I hope you are having a lovely pre-Christmas approach! I’m watching The Muppets with Lady GaGa and it’s REALLY good…!

Write soon,

xx Pip


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