Softies For Mirabel: Some Ace Contributions (+ An Extended Deadline!)

Excitingly, adorable handmade contributions are winging their way to The Mirabel Foundation as we speak! (The bears in the above image are by Teddy Bears Wednesday, FYI!)

It’s always super heartening to see how much people love being part of this project – and really, how much they want to get behind the work The Mirabel Foundation does by making toys for the kids they support. (Find out more about Softies For Mirabel here.)

This week, I’m thrilled to tell you that the deadline has been extended to February 20th. If you were busy lolling about all Summer/cosying down all Winter and had not had time to make something, you’ve still got time!  Phew.

Remember we need simple softies (perfect for beginner crafters) and also more complex ones. So KNOW that whatever your skill level, your contribution will be appreciated.

Make your solo or grab a bunch of friends/workmates/school mates and make together. The choice is yours!

little white bear by Sulphur Crestedfox and hen by Carter & Browncat with jumper by Lalloydiefriendly snake by EcoYarns

1. little white bear by Sulphur Crested
2. fox and hen by Carter & Brown
3. cat with jumper by Lalloydie
4. friendly snake by EcoYarns

Head to Instagram and check out the #SoftiesForMirabel hashtag to see what people are making out there in Craft Land!


1. Make a toy for the Mirabel Foundation kids. 
2.Remember the theme! Yes! We have a theme this year! The theme is ‘all creatures great and small
3. Upload a photo of your handmade toy (softie!) to Instgram using the #SoftiesForMirabel tag (if you can!)
4. Send your finished toy/s to: PO Box 1320, St Kilda, Victoria, 3182, Australia
5. Know that it will be matched with a great kid (according to personality, age appropriateness and safety considerations.)
6. Do all this by 20th February 2016 (or sooner!)

Thanks to everyone who has helped so far! Thanks to everyone who has shared the project! Thanks to everyone who is getting ready to knuckle down and make something VERY SOON! We salute you!

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