Softies For Mirabel – Let’s Do It!

Softies For Mirabel is well and truly underway and now that the festive season has quietly slipped by maybe you want to join in and help us help The Mirabel Foundation?!

You can help by making a toy (or a few!) or by sharing the campaign (find some cute downloadable graphics to help with that here!)

Here are just a tiny FEW of the toys that have arrived at Mirabel HQ so far…


softies for mirabel january 2016

1. Bear friends by Squidgy And Wonky‘s Jess
2. Bear in fetching knit by Lalloydie‘s Sara
3. Bunch of cute creatures by Meredith’s students 
4. Bunny by Angela


Thanks SO MUCH to the people who have made or shared so far. It makes a big difference! It’s super nice for the kids that Mirabel supports to receive a made-with-love pal to hang out with. Thanks for making that happen, you champs.

Super special thanks to the Spoonflower gang for helping out again this year – they sent a whole bunch of cute toys handmade by their community (and they even made an adorable video about it!)

And MEGA huge thanks – from our community –  to The Mirabel Foundation. In case you don’t know, Mirabel supports kids who are affected by parental illicit substance abuse.

If you’d like to help in a different way, by donating funds or find out other ways to support Mirabel’s work, head here. (Good on you, if you do that!)



Find out ALL about our ace and important project here.

If you’d like to see what people made over previous years you can check the #SoftiesForMirabel tag on Instagram or look at the Flickr group or here!

I’ll be featuring lots of cute softies here each week in January (so keep an eye out for that!)

Thanks guys!

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