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Social Media: Yes? No? Kind Of?

July 28, 2014


You probably KNOW that I love social media. I work from home and social media is like my own office watercooler. I get to have a bit of a chat and punctuate my day with nice people and interesting things.

I use social media for other things too:

  • Sharing good things other people are doing
  • Sharing things from my own blog
  • Promoting products
  • Connecting to other creatives
  • FUN!

Perhaps you are doing that too? Or maybe you’re finding it all a bit tricky?! Here’s some tips for using social media well:

1. Don’t be everywhere unless you can be everywhere!

Don’t feel that you need to have a presence across all platforms, unless you are sure you can devote the time to maintaining them. Better to have quality across one or two, rather than sporadic activity across many.

2. Choose the platforms you do well:

Mine are Facebook and Instagram. I love those. They are visually focused and people are always up for a chat. Facebook and Insta have the added benefit of  being great inspiration sources too! (I’m on Twitter and Pinterest too! But please don’t look at my Google Plus! *hangs head in shame*)

3. Don’t pay!

I know. Controversial right?! I very occasionally pay for a Facebook ad, but really, I think Facebook is a greedy monster. Once you start paying for ads there it’s hard to draw the line. I think it’s okay to advertise a specific product, perhaps, but if you’re looking for page likes you are MUCH better off doing a giveaway on your blog and asking for FB likes as a condition of entry. That’s FREE and it works. (Promosimple helps you do that too!)

Also… never, ever pay for followers on Facebook or Instagram. I know some high profile peeps who do this. It’s stupid. Numbers do not mean engagement!

4. Don’t just broadcast!

On Facebook and Twitter, be sure you’re not always talking your own talk! Promote the work of others or you’ll not only appear to be a completely boring narcissist, your page will also lack surprises. I think it’s good to push ONE post featuring your own work for every THREE posts promoting others.

5. Get it right!

Do check your spelling and make sure any photos are in focus (or not too tiny if you’re posting to Facebook – FB will stretch them if they are!)  You can find the optimum Facebook image sizes in the ugly graphic at the bottom of this post.

6. Make a mini schedule

I don’t do this, because I am not organised and I don’t really LIKE doing it, but professional types actually create a social media schedule ahead of time and post accordingly. Personally, I feel that social media should be spontaneous and unplanned, but some people respond to being organised so you could consider that if you’re finding it hard to be consistent or stay inspired.

7. Be yourself

Writing for social media is JUST LIKE writing on your blog. Be yourself. Use your voice. Talk about the things that are meaningful to YOU! People want to create relationships via social media, so be true to you and you will almost definitely make some new friends!

8. Reply!

Don’t just talk at people and merrily count your likes or retweets or shares. Respond to the people who are taking the time to interact with you. Be grateful for their input! Be friendly and approachable! This is the very best way to create a community – by being a part of the community (not sitting at the top of the community enjoying your own cleverness!)

9. Share!

If someone does something great or posts something great – give them props and share their awesomeness with your own followers. Remember the key to success in this creative world is to collaborate rather than compete.

10. Have fun!

If you are finding it a challenge. If you are hating it. Just shut it down! Concentrate on the things you DO love – your blog and your writing and your creative life are WAY more important than social media. It’s not for everyone, and that’s okay!

In the comments:
Do you find social media a challenge? Or do you love it?!


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