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Social Media Profile Makeover

It’s funny how the cobwebs can appear over your social media profiles. Facebook page info can be out of date or just not ideal. Instagram profiles can be irrelevant. Twitter profiles can be a bit battered around the edges. Whatever your weapon… I mean platform of choice, your profile is your first port of call. This is where people get their first glimpse into finding out more about you.  You need to check in on all your social media platforms and examine your profiles carefully, asking yourself things like…

Are your cover/profile/background images the best they can be?
Can you update any of those images to a more relevant or more impactful visual?
Are the images the correct size? Avoid anything pixelated or warped.
Does your profile description say enough? Does it tell people who you really are/what you really do?
Are you linking back to your blog/site in a ‘call to action’ type way – or is there another page like a SHOP or ABOUT ME that would work better?
Are you noticing that one of your platforms is a bit neglected? Would you do better to shut that down?

Here’s my profile descriptions on each platform. It’s a great idea to offer a glimpse into your personal life, geographical location, work life, achievements (and of course a link back to you!) Make sure that the link back to you offers an email contact somewhere on the page. You want people to be able to contact you directly if they need to.

meetmeatmikes on Instagram
Pip Lincolne. Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia. Author of 5 cute books | DIYer | Crafter for Frankie | Mumma of 3 | Latest book Craft For The Soul – Details below
view here

Meet Me At Mike’s on Facebook
Melbourne, Australia.

Meet Me At Mike’s is the almost-daily blog of Pip Lincolne. You will find it packed with good things and chatty posts. Pip’s also the author of five cute books about creativity, a mum of three kidlets and craft contributor for Frankie Magazine.

Follow Pip’s personal FB profile here :
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meetmeatmikes on Twitter
Author, Blogger & Crafter | Gilmore Girls, tea & toast | my fifth book ‘Craft For The Soul’ is out now via Penguin | more me at | 

It’s important to jam pack your profile descriptions with as much information and personality as possible, so have a play around with yours and make sure that it best represents you. It’s also important to invite people to find out more or do more – the marketer’s ‘call to action’. This means you link to a product page, an about-me page or to a general shop link, for instance.

Make that one little link work for you and ensure followers click through to your most important page (or most profitable page, if you prefer!)

A lot of bloggers on Instagram are adding their latest post URL to their Instagram profile description every time they update their blog. You could do that, but I think it’s a bit naff and sales-y. It also looks messy (so if you DO want to add your latest post URL each time you update, at least use a link shortener to keep things neat! for instance…) I think it’s better to link to your blog’s home page or about page or shop. Have a think and see what might work best for you.

Obviously your Facebook page description has a ton of room to get descriptive, but the other platforms are SUPER limited in their word count. Do your best to add a little bit of you into this text – even if it’s just the language you are using. As always, see if you can get your own VOICE into your profile.

View every social media profile as though you are a brand new reader who knows nothing about you or your work. Is the information you are sharing a great reflection of what you do? Have you got your own ‘voice’ in your profile description? Are you linking through to your best work or the page that you most want people to see?

Profile and cover images are really important too. Remember that this is the first port of call for many who may have stumbled across you online. Find an image that represents you well.

Have a look at the profile images/headshots others are using and try to buck that trend! You want to be YOU, so don’t feel that you have to have the same aesthetic as all the other bloggers/online creatives. Don’t blend in. Stand out!

Make sure your profile images are up to date and actually look like you. Update these images at LEAST every six months.

This infographic (below) shows the optimum sizes for profile (and other) social media images. Be sure to resize your images to these dimensions for best results. (If you need help resizing images, please let me know! Sometimes people working via iPad and the like are not sure how to best do this! I use Photoshop to resize all my images, but if you don’t have access to something like Photoshop, there are other ways. Just ask me!)


Once you’ve read this lesson and made some adjustments:

Does your profile now have a ‘call to action’ or find out more link?
Can people contact you via email from that link?
Do your profiles show your (general) geographic location? (City, Country?)
Is your voice or tone right for you/your business? (Personal, chatty, professional?)
Have you resized any images so that they load perfectly?
Is your profile image up-to-date? Does it look like you?

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