:: Small Batch Blackberry Jam Recipe

I only had a HUGE jar from Daiso, so I made a bit over half a jar full.  This will make one regular sized jar of jam (like the Bonne Maman jam jars!)  Be careful not to burn yourself when you are making jam. Take it slow.  I love blackberry jam. I grew up on it and I can not wait to make some scones and pile this on.  That is a job for tomorrow.  Do you like scones?!

xx Pip

Simple Small Batch Blackberry Jam
makes about 400ml of jam ish

500g Blackberries (remove any icky ones)
1 cup of sugar
1 tbsp of lemon juice

Simmer in a wide, heavy saucepan until thick and jammy, stirring all the time. To test the jam, put a spoonful on a cold plate and tilt the plate.  The jam should ooze not run. If it runs, put it back and simmer some more.  Spoon carefully into sterile jars and seal whilst hot


  1. but what about the plate :<

  2. BTW : the nails are super easy to do : they are Sally Hansen Salon Effects : sticker made from nail polish that you smooth on and trim to size! I wear them all the time now! They are ace!

  3. Ok. So once I made apricot jam when I lived in Hobart and it was fabulous. I am the not cook. And have been the not cook for so many years in this house of many. My man said to me randomly at around 3pm, shall i make scones? He is on holidays to help with the mad wee ones and thoroughly fabulous with foody bits. The girls across the road give us fresh figs. They also load us with Quince for the fave paste of my 8yr old. The toddlers favourite is blueberries. I spend my day/nights running oh so fast. I looked at the blackberries simmering in that pic and thought. That is the answer. I will stop. I will stir. I will watch. I will make jam. Thanks Pip. I love your Lady Faves. I have just fallen in love with a Lilly and she is my BIG nomination for your favering B whirlwind. love your words.

  4. Thanks Pip! I grew up on my Nan's blackberry jam…still remember getting prickled from the blackberry bush when playing at her house! I'm definitely going to make this! Thanks for inspiring a Nana memory. Amy x

  5. Hi Pip, I love blackberry jam and blackberries are in season at the moment so are at their most affordable. Now's the time to be making jam and filling those empty re-usable jars we all have at the very back of a cupboard.

  6. Blackberry jam on scones – yum!

  7. Pip, I love the nail polish! I am also super impressed at your mad jam making skillz.

  8. we love jam and we really love scones in this house. our littles like making these ones fram sabrini parrini's little kitchen (quick and always work for us):
    3 cups s/r flour, 1/2 tspn salt, 3/4 cup pouring cream, 250ml lemonade. oven 160°C. Make a well in middle of flour. Add salt, cream & lemonade and mix with hands until just combined. Roll out on floured surface until about 2cm thick. Cut into scone shapes and bake for 10-15mins. x

  9. The jam looks good, but love your pretty plate more!

  10. Love the jam, but where oh where did you get the argyle nail polish? I love it!

  11. mmm,that looks divine!!
    now to get me some berries!

  12. yum! i just love home made jams and jellies and have found some wonderful ones on your blog…but this one really takes the toast! i can hardly wait to get home and cook up a batch!

  13. I discovered scone making last year and am now completely addicted. Whole meal with raisin. Yum.

  14. Great recipe, BUT love the nail polish.

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