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Six Ways To Boost Your Blog Excitement

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Over the last few years I’ve taught a lot of newbie bloggers how to successfully set up and write their own blog. I’ve also had a whole heap of established bloggers tag along on my courses, because established doesn’t mean you’re home and hosed and often seemingly confident bloggers have a bit of trouble staying excited about blogging. (Me included!) Did you know that? Perhaps you did. It’s really true.

It thought it would be a great idea to talk through the best ways to give yourself a little blogging pick-me-up, in case it’s YOU that’s feeling a little bit unexcited.

Here’s six ways to boost your blog excitement:

1. Go outside
Really. Do it. And not to gather blog fodder. Sometimes all you need to recharge is a bit of space from the usual routine, a bit of a circuit breaker, so to speak. Forget about blogging and take some time to think about (and do!) the things that you most love. Often the doldrums result from being on the daily treadmill, the same uninspiring patterns playing out over and over (ugh!) Break the cycle and get out into your neighbourhood or further afield. Nothing like some time out to inspire, methinks!

2. Meet other bloggers in real life
Blogging can be an isolating business, and if you are feeling a bit on the outer in your everyday gang (of non-bloggers) then a bit of a blogging social date might be just the thing you need. Other bloggers understand the challenges and gains of blogging. Just a little bit of time with someone like-minded is often enough to get you excited about blogging again (and get those ideas sparking beautifully!)

3. Listen to podcasts by bloggers
If you can’t hang out with actual bloggers, then why not tune in and listen to actual bloggers chatting their stuff. It’s definitely not the same as a real life chat, but hearing someone else you admire talk about the thing you love to do can be an awesome pick-me-up and a great motivator to keep on blogging. So do that!

4. Read some great books
Blogging intersects nicely with creativity and (very often) business themes. I like nothing better than combing the art/design/nerdy/brainy sections of my favourite bookshop for fodder that’ll not only improve my life, but will improve my blog too! Once you’ve chosen your inspiration sparking tomes, be sure to take notes detailing your favourite bits. It’s good to get the most out of your reading and some actionable points will help you kick things off.

5. Take a break
Not just go outside, but go away! Leave your blog alone for a few days, a week, even a month until you know what you want to do (or invite others to guest post if the thought of an unsupervised blog makes you freak out!) Blogging should be a mostly rewarding creative pursuit. If it’s always a big effort, perhaps it’s not the creative outlet for you? Maybe you’d be happier painting or travelling or reading a good book (or writing one, even!)

6. Redesign your blog
A change is as good as a holiday, right? If you’re feeling a bit snoozy about your blog, perhaps it’s time for a bit of a make-over? A new theme or template? A cute new header? Maybe a whole new navigation system? A pretty pick-me-up? Tweaking the look of your blog can go a long way towards inspiring you (and your readers) to get chatty again. If you’re not sure where to start you could try Etsy (just search Blog Design or similar and choose a designer with excellent feedback!)

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