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Share Wisely! Notes On Oversharing…



Oversharing is a term oft bandied about when we talk about blogging. Perhaps certain bloggers spring to mind (or a certain nasty anti-blogger website, even?!) when you hear that word? Maybe it makes you quiver with worry or feel a bit exposed?

No need to feel that way. Uh-uh. I’m about to give you a rundown on the rules of sharing, Pip-style.  How do you know if you are oversharing? And what are the consequences? And who makes the rules anyway? Good questions. Come sit by me.

The thing about oversharing on your blog is, that apart from a couple of considerations, there aren’t really ANY rules.  Here are those considerations…

Is someone else (apart from you) depicted in your post?
Okay. Then you might be sharing too much if they don’t want to be mentioned or shown on the internet. Make sure you ask before you DO. Assuming consent is a BAD idea – so be sensitive to others’ privacy (even if those others are in your very own family and especially if those others are people you work with or acquaintances!)

Are you talking about your own feelings?
Okay. How you are feeling this week may not be how you are feeling this time next year. Are you going to be okay with that? If you are the unapologetic rant-y or warts and all type, blog on, sister! If you are more cautious, it’s always good to sit on a sensitive post for a day or so before you hit publish.

The thing about writing is that people often respond strongly to a show of vulnerability. This suits some people down to the ground, but remember that the internet is for life, not just for Christmas. Be sure that you really DO want to share what you are sharing.

Don’t be lured by the short-term thrill of supportive clicks and climbing traffic. Consider whether, in the long term, it might be better to divulge your most special thoughts to your nearest and dearest,. That may be the audience that counts most, in the end.

Share wisely!


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