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Screencast: How To Change Your BLOGGER blog Template

November 4, 2013


The password for this video is textas

Let’s add a new template to your Blogger blog! This video applies to NEW Blogger blogs and existing Blogger blogs… Shazam!

Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Always back up your old template first (as shown in the video)
2. If things don’t work out and you  change your mind, you can re-upload your original template
3. When choosing a template, check if there is some info on how to customise the template (often it is part of the download file package)
4. Your template might not be ‘stored’ by its developer on BOX, they could have it stored on their own site or elsewhere (that part of your process might look different to this video – but the result will be the same – you get to download the template files)
5. Once your template is installed you will need to tweak it to suit (the one I installed requires me to go into the HTML code of the template to tweak a few things like the menu bar – sounds scary but is EASY – remember to back up your template before making any changes though!)
6. You don’t have to choose the same template I did. Choose one that YOU like!

Here is the blog post with all the templates that I featured in this video.
Here are the instructions on how to customise the template I installed

Good luck! Have fun making your blog look cuter!

x pip

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