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Did you know my great-grandfather wrote over 50 books? It’s true. I often wondered why I love the process of writing books so much. Then I found out about my prolific relative and it all started to make sense. I think those writer-ly genes are pretty strong. I know that they explain much of the why of my creative life. I feel a bit like my job-of-choice is a titch preordained. (And that it’s definitely something to embrace and run full-tilt at!)

Not only do I get to write books, I get to speak to people about writing books very often too. I do workshops and creative retreats and other teaching type things and the question of books and writing them usually surfaces pretty quickly. People ask me how to do it and I tell them. Simple, no?!

Okay, admittedly there’s a bit more to writing book then having a method. You need to work on your writing, of course. Practicing is the best way to do that. Writing almost daily and flexing those writing muscles.  You also need to have some time. Setting aside half an hour or even an hour a day is a great start. And you need to have a WAY to write. I like to use a site called 750words (because it makes writing seem less routine and more fun… and it keeps me accountable). I then back up my writing to Google Drive (and my computer too, for good measure!)

Supposing you’ve got all that sorted, here’s how to begin… (perhaps you have already begun?  This will help you form a nice, firm backbone for your book-to-be!)

How To Write A Book The Pip Way

Choose your subject or storyline.
Write ten or twelve MUST KNOW (or MUST DISCUSS) points or plot events to fit that subject or storyline.
Turn each of those points or events into a chapter title (they can just be working titles at this stage).
Write 1000 or so words on each of those chapters (or slot in writing you have already done where it ‘belongs’, under the relevant point or event).
Try to write for at least an hour, five days a week. Just get the words down, however they come out.
Re-read, rewrite, edit.
Repeat as needed!

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