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Rad People

Do you see up there, in my blog’s menu, it says RAD PEOPLE?

Rad People is a special part of my blog reserved for people who are doing ace things.

In the past, Rad People have included Clem Ford, David Bowie, Oliver Jeffers. Chili Philly, Taylor Swift, What Katie Ate, Lara from Frankie, Clare Bowditch, Poppy + Zali. To name a tiny few. The list goes on. And on and on.

The thing is, there are lots of people (famous and not famous) doing amazing stuff out there. And maybe I don’t get to meet them or hear about them in my travels. I want to save a seat for people like that here on my blog. I’d like to talk a lot more about what other people are doing out there in the world, be they big things or small-but-wonderful.

That’s where you come in. Maybe. If you want to.

Do you know someone who really deserves to have their ‘stuff’ highlighted? Perhaps it’s admirable work they are doing, or the impact they are making, or even things they are making/creating. They might be quiet achievers or the noisier type. They might be working all by themselves or as part of a team. They might have hatched an idea already – or perhaps they are working on something and need to get the word out. They could be young. They could be older. As long as they are a people.

I can’t be sure to cover EVERY rad person. But I would like to try to cover many more Rad People than I already do. I reckon I can do that. Yep. Especially if you help me!

You can email me your Rad People suggestions to this email address. If you would like to. If not, as you were. And thank you for reading!

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