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Rad People: Tessa Perlow

July 17, 2017
Tessa Perlow

Embroidery. “It’s like colouring in with a needle and thread”, I used to tell my Stitching Night attendees, and interestingly they believed me. Luckily, it is completely true!

While the embroidery of yesteryear was often focused on very precise work – and for some, punishingly agonising to tackle – the 60s and 70s saw some more forgiving, sketchy, loose stitching that seemed more achievable and perhaps a bit more relatable too?

Some people are taking this enticingly friendly and colourful embroidery, and ramping it up a notch, stitching expressively and beautifully onto lots of different mediums.

Tessa Perlow, for instance.

Her work combines ye olde worlde skills – and some serious creative flair – and plonks the whole crafty cocktail onto unexpected things.

Tessa says:

“I grew up on the Jersey shore with a love for art, sewing, and design. Right now I am focusing on embroidery art and repurposing garments with embroidery but I enjoy a number of technical crafts & hobbies and have plans to gear my work towards fine art.”

These pics (below) are from Tessa’s Etsy shop, and they’re just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her inspiring and very ace work.

Go take a look and you will see what I mean. #Genius

Tessa Perlow Tessa Perlow Tessa Perlow Tessa Perlow Tessa Perlow Tessa Perlow


Does this make you want to get stitching right this minute?!

x Pip

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    Are you selling them? They are terrific!

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