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Rad People: Paulina Bartnik

June 9, 2017

Some people can take a needle + thread + create something so magical that it pretty much makes my eyes pop right outta my head. Paulina, for instance.

Paulina Bartnik Paulina Bartnik Paulina Bartnik Paulina Bartnik Paulina Bartnik



You know, sometimes someone comes along and they’re so clever and so creative that when you look at their work, your eyes start to water a little bit and you give a sort of involuntary ‘oh!’ (Possibly followed by a sigh and a good bit of eye-widening).

Paulina Bartnik is one of those someones.

Look at her beautiful birds and you will see why. Not only does she transform raw materials into something that’s completely come-to-life, she sometimes puts pompoms on said something, to complete the picture. Gasp.

x Pip

PS: She takes gorgeous photos, too! Not just of birds and craft. Of OTHER cool things!

images: Paulina Bartnik

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  • Reply Caz June 10, 2017 at 9:35 AM

    Hi Pip. Have you change your email subscription to be more mobile friendly? The post I got this morning was a sight for sore eyes. Bigger images, bigger font. Love it.

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