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:: Rad People: Elena Sánchez Santos

Sometimes I get emails. Actually ALL THE TIME I get emails. They come thick and fast and it’s quite hard to navigate them at times. I really DO my best, flagging things and filing things and trying to make it all work. It doesn’t always work. Let me just tell you that from the get-go.

BUT today I did find my way through to a few really good things in my inbox. And Elena of Lelelerele was one of those GOOD THINGS. I think Elena’s actually a REALLY GOOD THING. Here is why:

1. She’s very talented and makes amazing things!
2. She has the gift of putting personality into the things she makes.
3. She’s very talented.
4. She makes amazing things!
5. She shares here skills via tutorials like this.
6. She writes sweet, brief, friendly emails!

I think you need to explore Elena’s blog. Go here to do that.
And you might want to look in her Etsy store too?

Thanks for the super cute email, Elena!

x Pip


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