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:: Rad People: Cresus Artisanat

Stitching is something I hold quite dear to me. My first social crafty adventures revolved around Stitching Nights at our old shop in Richmond. Did you ever come to one of those nights?

Anyhoo, since then I’ve embroidered lots of different things. I love it that you can take a needle and thread and stitch anything you like. If you can be bothered. If you have the time. You can make something totally your own from not very much.

Take this gorgeous work from Cresus Artisanat, for instance. You aren’t going to find this in your usual stitching design catalogues. Uh-uh. Nope. It’s totally Do-It-Your-Own-Way. It’s got the maker all over it, all thready and colourful. Nice.

x Pip


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