Rad People: The Brilliant Kimmy Hogan

kimmy hogan

Yowzers. The work of Kimmy Hogan is akin to taking a misty walk in a cool forest, which is good for those of us that don’t have a cool forest on hand when we need one. Or maybe it’s like rustling through a petal-filled fragrant florist? Also good for those of us who don’t have a fragrant florist on tap.

Or maybe it’s like a stealing into a darkened, wood-panelled room in a very fancy stately home somewhere in the countryside? The type with plush velvet couches and walls lined with books and antique rugs and perfectly polished tabletops dotted with petals and someone’s morning correspondence? (And a toast rack? And pots of jam? And a pretty teapot with steam trailing from its spout?)

Whichever it is – and perhaps it’s something else altogether – it’s totally grand and I love it.

Take a peek at these shots from Kimmy’s Instagram account – or pop over there to see much, much more.

x Pip

all images below via kimmy hogan

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  1. I love this style…so talented, wouldn’t mind a few pieces in my pad 🙂 x

  2. It is always to find new artists to follow, Kimmy’s work is just gorgeous!

  3. These are beautiful! Inspired to go plant some banksias and proteas in my garden.

    Rachel xo

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