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I know, I know. Podcasts are meant to have fancy music and be edited and tell a story masterfully. My PipCast does none of that. What it DOES have is a platypus, though. Listen at your own peril.

Direct link to Pip’s Pipcast

Scroll down for “Show Notes” on the things I mentioned.

You know, YOU can BE ON my quite dodgy podcast. Yes, you can! Well. Not the ACTUAL YOU, but a letter/chatty note from you. Here’s how:

If you’d like to ask me a question or for some advice (anonymously or not) then I can respond to you in my very unprofessional but still earnest and caring way – in a dodgy podcast just like this one. (There might be less tummy rumbling, so don’t get your hopes up re that.) That said, please don’t ask me probing questions about my personal life, because I might cry. Things about you, things you like, career stuff about you, career stuff about me, general chit chat about us both and culture/art/craft-related stuff is all fair game.

How to be on my quite dodgy podcast with your “issue” or “wondering”

Simply email me at my usual email address with “PIPCAST” in the subject line – telling me your query or vexing issue. I will respond next time I am in the car with my voice recorder on. And then I will upload it here so you can listen in with burning ears. GO ON. You can trust me. I have all the answers. *shifts uncomfortably*

(I am actually serious. I want to do this! Write to me this minute.)

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EVERYBODY!!! I saw a platypus today!!!! #finnsreserve

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Platypus proof


This Pipcast was just me crapping on about things with a croaky voice and a rumbling tummy. Sorry.

Things to watch like The Big Sick, Catastrophe, Fortitude.
PLUS BOOKS like Made In India and Fresh India by Meera Sodha, Special Delivery by Annabel Crabb (which I mistakenly call Home Delivered because I was about to faint), The New Book of Middle Eastern Food by Claudia Roden.
Also Down The Rabbit Hole Cafe, Finn’s Reserve at Templestowe and PlatypusSpot and Petty’s Orchard.
This hair treatment.  Plus Ginger Hair.
Also Milligram stationery.
And the podcast with Deb from Smitten Kitchen.
And Max.
And lolly snakes and tummy rumbling. And me going “tsk” and “um” and “ow, I banged my elbow”.



  1. Aw my gawsh my first podcast and it’s yours . Your voice sounds so different to how I thought it would , it’s a very nice voice though please don’t misunderstand, but you sound great . I loved it , just like chatting with a friend.

  2. LOVE your pipcast, please do it again. And glad you liked The Big Sick! x

  3. loved this! podcasts are my new fave thing. You have such an ease with the talking as well, always good to hear what other people are watching, baking, buying etc as to the platypus – wow!

    1. So glad you listened, Paula! Thank you for doing that!! xxx

  4. I enjoyed listening to your podcast Pip!

    I was also excited to hear about your platypus sighting. I had a look on the site you mentioned but couldn’t see any mention of Sydney sightings … perhaps you have to be further south to spot one.

    I have been watching ‘Grace and Frankie’ on Netflix, which is silly but also quite fun.

    1. I have watched one season of Grace and Frankie, so I think I need to catch up! Thank you for listening, Melinda, too! x

  5. PS I made your ‘other potato curry’ last week and it was delicious. Then I added peas and capsicum to the leftovers and put them in puff pastry and made leftover-curry-samosas. Am eating them in front of the tennis right now. Thanks for the cooking inspiration! x

    1. Brilliant twist! Brilliant! YUM! I often put peas in my curry too, so I like your EXTRA EXTRA tweak! x

  6. Nice one Pip. Favourite line – ‘Ow, I banged my elbow!’ I loved the Big Sick. I love Catastrophe. Another good Netflix show I just discovered is Atypical. It’s about a boy with autism navigating being 18. Really funny and interesting. My friend Erin and I also do a ‘quite dodgy podcast’ called Iz and Ez (http://www.izandez.com/). It is extremely sporadic but much fun, and similar to yours in that we just discuss what we’ve been reading, watching and listening to. Inspired by Leigh and Annabel, minus the cooking. So glad you saw a platypus. All the searching paid off! I’m a fan of your Pipcast and vote nay to going more profesh, there are so many profesh things out there already. In the car with lolly snakes, tummy gurgling and elbow banging is much more fun. x

    1. I just finished all of Catastrophe. It’s so good. And so wrong. I really liked it. Thanks for the podcast link! I will put it on my list of things to check out! And thanks for always being so kind and supportive, and for reading my blog. It means a lot to me that you do that, because I know how busy life can be! x

  7. I really loved this little chat (I listened while I was at work). I wanted to jump in several times and ask you more about this and that! I have been doing something similar over the last six months since a good friend moved overseas – when I have news, or something particular to say, I make a video recording of myself and send it to her via Messenger (coz it’s not always a convenient time to Skype)! Btw, couldn’t hear your tummy, but mine often does the same thing!

    1. Oh my god. Thanks for the tummy sympathy. I so appreciate it. I like it that you do that with your pal, too. It’s so nice to hear someone else’s voice, isn’t it? x

  8. Wow I’m so excited!!! Yay!

    1. Haha! I actually am very excited too! So we are TWINNING!

  9. I am SO excited to listen to this! I’m using it as incentive to get back on my treadmill tomorrow morning.
    And you made me laugh “ I am actually serious. I want to do this! Write to me this minute.” You know I’m gonna write to you, right? I’ll do it right now as I wait for Sadie to go to sleep!

    1. YOU WROTE TO ME! Yesssss. Stay tuned for my reply – sans grumbling tummy! x

  10. I can not wait to listen to this.
    I shall think of a question for you too
    Cheers Kate

    1. Thank you for listening, you blinking champ!

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