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Printable: Social Media Tally Sheet

Count your weekly (or DAILY if you are crazily prolific!) posts to social media on this handy tally sheet!

You can schedule your Facebook or Twitter posts with an app like Hootsuite and mark them off as you do that. (You can also schedule posts on Facebook and Twitter by clicking the clock icon underneath the posting box!)  Or you can just manually post and keep a tally of how you often you’re doing this. It can be really helpful if you’re trying to gain readers as social media (especially Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram) is where your potential readers are at play.

This is also a good way to take a step back and see how you’re approaching social media (if this is something that’s important to you) and where there might be gaps. Try it for a week and see where you might be posting prolifically, and where you are less inclined. Consider giving up the patchier platforms or making a concerted effort to improve… but don’t be wishy washy!


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