:: Please Don’t Crash, A Cute Quiz (& Some Weekend Reading)


Aw hai! How are you going, peachy-pie?

I am good. I am scrambling a bit, to tell you the truth. I’ve just finished off my work for the week and we are THINKING of going camping. The problem is that (I forgot to tell you this) a lady SMASHED into the back of our car on Monday. Our car is old and strong, thank goodness, but it’s taken a bit of a bang and now the boot won’t unlock. Urgh. So if the locksmith can’t get the boot open, we can’t go camping. Man. Also I got whiplash. Which is weird. But I’m nearly better.

The other weird thing is that I keep thinking about the poor girl who smashed into us and how awful it is to make an accident happen. We are so lucky because our car will be fine and we are fine. It makes me think a lot about when people get hurt or worse in crashes.

I’m telling you this because a) this is a blog and that’s what I do here and b) I really want you to be careful on the road because people are so overwhelmed at this time of year and they are often distracted. (Last year at this exact time someone smashed into our car when it was parked on the street! The same car! It’s a December thing, I tell you!)

Apart from saving your life by warning you to be careful, I wanted to send you popping about to some great blogs. Over the last 12 months I have had over 400 students go through my Blog With Pip course.

Last night we had our online Christmas party (which is too a thing) and I bombarded them with Christmassy pictures (in our private Facebook group!) I also asked them some questions, sort of party game-like. That turned out great because it provided some ace reflections on the year that was and what is yet to be. Maybe you want to do the quiz too?! Well YOU CAN because the questions are below. Have fun with them! Put them in your diary or put them on your blog or just tell me to shut up and mind my own business. All those things are fine…



Question One
Who are some people who inspired you in 2014? (GIve reasons if you like! Or not if you can’t be bothered!)

Question Two
Which blogs have you discovered or continued to enjoy this year?

Question Three
Did you achieve something this year that surprised you? (In any area of your life?) Care to share? A few things are fine too! Go you!

Question Four
Share some things you tried for the first time?!

Question Five
What was the best thing you saw or heard?

Question Six
Name 3 things you didn’t get to do this year that you want to tackle next year?

Question Seven
If you could steal ONE QUALITY from another person, what and who would it be?

Question Eight
Which bit of YOURSELF were you most proud of this year? 

Question Nine
Which skill do you most want to improve/acquire next year?

Question TEN
Best thing about this year? Most looked forward to thing about NEXT year?


AND here is a little spot for my Blog With Pip students to drop their links in. If you have done BWP, feel free to add your link! If you haven’t done BWP you can click about and see how marvellous these bloggers are!! (If you are reading via email or RSS you might need to pop over to my ACTUAL blog to see the list – also it may take a wee while for the list to populate – come back often to see new additions!)




Love to you all. Please don’t have a smash or get whiplash or wreck your car boot (trunk).

x pip

PS: Look at the Softies For Mirabel! Thanks guys!!



  1. Merry Christmas Pip!!!! Oh how I love your Tree – it takes me back to when I was very little and we had a bright green aluminium number – gorgeous!

    1. Thanks P! It’s a cute tree, right? It doesn’t need much fancying up at all! Merry Christmas to you and yours! Thanks for reading my blog! xx

  2. Hi Pip! Sucky about the crash, hope you’re feeling better and can get your car sorted. Thanks for the linky opportunity. Gosh those are some big questions to think about! Time to ponder…

  3. How lovely, thanks firstly for putting the questions all in one place, I was just thinking I need to find them and answer them in my secret diary…ahem…ok…my notebook! I am so proud to be a BWP girl, so thank you for that Pip, who ever knew a year ago that I would be meeting up with all of these wonderful people from across the globe and staying in touch and all working together almost a year later. And we are showing no signs of slowing down. So darn cool. I love it and I am having a little teary moment. x

  4. fingers crossed on the boot closing, it’s going to be peachy perfect summer weather this weekend!

  5. I hope you were checked out after your crash Pip?
    And sorry I missed the Christmas party last night. I popped in after it was all done & dusted, had a read of all the lovely comments & left a message for you all. The time difference sucks sometimes 🙁

    Take care of yourself & I hope you can open your boot! x

  6. Gosh you are a gorgeous, generous creature Pip. Thanks for the opportunity to link. And also for the chance to browse some beaut blogs. Hope your neck is all better. xx

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