Pirates, Ships and Sailors! Molly’s Book! Yay!

Hurrah! Our new book arrived from our lovely eBay seller…. Molly found a beautiful first edition of this book at her favourite Nun-nny op-shop.. which we got to borrow .. but in the end we had to have our own copy… we bought a second-edition instead.. so as to let Molly bask in her first edition love…. and it is still GORGEOUS! So many Pirates and Messages in Bottles and Caves and more.. Gustaf Tenggren is just so wonderful!

Emma and Leo visited yesterday and we talked a lot about Emma’s new EMERGE belts.. they are beautiful handcrafted leather.. with peek-a-boo vintage stamp detailing…. and yes I am talking postage stamps… each belt is unique and made by Emma.. when Leo was asleep!

Lark Designs are a new lovely boat on our vintage craft horizon.. stay tuned!

Brooke visited and we had a lot of very excited conversations!

Poppies for Grace stationery arrived after sitting at our beloved Richmond Post Office for two weeks without being rescued!

SO MANY NEW gifty toys…. Spirograph, invisible ink, pop-guns, water pistols (please use your old bathwater!), harmonicas, plush Grovers, worry dolls, Mr Potato Heads, wooden puzzles and more!

Corky St Clair so incredibly beautiful necklaces fashioned from Perspex and Steel.. these ones have lots of extra detail and interior cutting.. typical of the Corky ethos. Get some Corky.

Applehead send a HUGE package of vintage paper packs, vintage word packs and vintage wallpaper packs… these are selling quicker than JAM DONUTS.. come and drink in the loveliness of them!


Hello Alex-the-very-un-hunchback!

xxx and talk soon! Mike


  1. Lovely stuff!!!
    cant wait to get to
    Melourne to pay a visit!

  2. I have a big collection of martine books and french little golden.. see some here, http://printabilitytat.typepad.com/prints_charming///

    I love your blog ! I think you would also like this site, my fav french children’s illustrator

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