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Pip’s School For Slumpy Creatives: Lesson Four

It’s time for a bit of a creative stick-em-up!

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Okay. This is fun! It’s a little bit Playschool inspired. A little bit Matisse-ish too.

What you need:

Crappy magazines or catalogues
A glue stick

Make a cup of tea.
Put on some nice music.

Flip through the magazines and tear out colours and patterns  you like. Do it nice and quickly. No need to be neat! Do not think too much. Snip them into geometric shapes (or tear them into random shapes.) Snip and tear FIRST making lots of bits and bobs and shapes. Now glue the coloured shapes into place. They can overlap. They can not overlap. Do what you feel.

Do this choosing and glueing bit NICE AND FAST. Do it without thinking too much. Don’t consider colour combinations or placement. MAKE IT RANDOM.

See where your hands and head want your bits and bobs to go. Cover the paper with shapes until it feels ‘right’ to you.

Then stop! Stand back and have a look at what you made. Are there lots of the same colour together? Did you spread things out? Are your bits glued on neatly or a bit haphazardly? Are your shapes similar or different?

What do the answers to those questions say about you, do you think?

Are you neat and ordered? Or not?
Are you free and easy? Or laboured?
Are you intuitive? Considered? Both?

Which colours did you love together? Was that unexpected?
Would you like to try different colours? Neons? Pastels? Patterns?
Would you add things? Paint? Printed images? Text?

Make some notes about how you went, if you like. Answer these questions and detail any other things that spring to mind.


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Try doing this exercise again but choose materials/paper you really love (not just bits torn randomly from magazines).
Are you happier with the result when you choose and remove a bit of the randomness? Or did the random/free/spontaneous piece work better?

What does all this tell you about creativity and making things, from your vantage point?


Nothing is a mistake. There’s no win and no fail. There’s only make.
Corita Kent

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